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Million mile Saab 900 owner, Peter Gilbert, is apparently going to receive his new replacement from Saab USA this week, a 9-5 Aero.

The new wheels will be handed over on Wednesday according to the Freep, and if my memory serves me correctly he’ll be getting it at Road Atlanta where he’ll participate in the Aero Academy driving school. There’s no word yet as to whether or not there’ll be a special deer-avoidance course 😉

I’m sure we’ll see something about this from Saab USA as the week progresses.

—— has some groovy downloads available for the old-timers out there. Saab Accessory catalogs from 1967, the main feature of which is the Saab 96, and one for 1978 as well, featuring the Saab 99.

Bill, I think some of those chequered seat covers would be appropriate if you make that stroker purchase!


Andy Rupert has concocted his own Saab 9-6 family van producing a massive 48hp when running on E100!

Click through to see how the acquisition of a mini-van can cloud one’s ability to reason 😉


Thanks to Nathaniel for this link to a good ice racing story.


Rik Rydant is a car buff. He was a drag racer back in the ’50, and always had a thing for vintage cars.

So when he read about ice racing in a vintage car magazine, he thought he might like it.

He went to Ohio and purchased a 1996 Saab 96.

The first time he drove his car onto a frozen lake, he knew he had found a new hobby.

A quick story, worth a read.


Even the Queen Mary II uses the Saab font!!

This image was taken in Sydney last week by Richo. Other photos available for viewing here.



I’m not into the whole myspace thing at all, but how this one’s been going on for so long without notice is, well, it’s not quite amazing but it’s something.

The Saab Performance Team have their own MySpace page. It’s got a few groovy videos and profiles on it.

Thanks to Brian L for the tip.

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  1. That would be a typo on the part of the reporter in the original story combined with a lack of adequate proof reading by me.

    In the interest of keeping both these comments relevant, I’ll leave the typo in.

  2. Swade, the 96 deal fell through, but on Saturday I test drove one a little closer to home, a 1965 stroker with no need of checked covers! Then for comparison I drove a 1977 V4 and trundled home in my 99T. A good day indeed!

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