More 9-3 Photoshop fun

Hobart’s supposed to have a cool climate. This heat is killing me!


It’s been all quiet on the MY08 9-3 in the last week and yes, that quite likely is a sigh of relief you can here from Saab HQ. So time for a little visual speculation.

Z! has forwarded these pics on to me. They’re a little tweak he did to the MY08 Saab 9-3 photo that was first shown here just over a week ago.

This is mainly an exercise to try and picture how the car might look with lights on and with just LED daytime runners on. I should mention at this point that the whole LED daytime runner thing is by no means definite. We’ll have to wait until a) a Djup Strupe gives us some solid info, or b) we see some more spypics that show them, or c) we see pics of the real car in full flight.

For now, it’s a possibility and a worthwhile addition if they actually do it.

Here’s the pics. Click to enlarge. And thanks, Z! My email to you bounced for some reason.





Please note that these pictures are purchased. Whilst I don’t mind in the least if they’re photoshopped in a manner such as this to benefit the community in an exercise like this, the copyright to the photos still belongs to Hans Lehmann and the notation as such should be left on the image. Cheers.

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  1. Skip the string of LEDs above the headlamps except perhaps providing a plug-in for using a multi-colored LED strand during Christmas.

  2. The led headlight trim looks, to me, like the (awsome) BMW 5-series. I hope Saab does something different with this feature.

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