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I’d like to thank those of you out there that have already ordered one of the Trollhattan Saab T-Shirts from the Cafepress store.

I’ve taken the step of opening up one of their premium stores in order to be able to offer multiple designs on the same style shirt. With this expanded capability I’m now pleased to unveil the TS UrSaab design, initially available on a range of six shirt styles.

This is a lo-res reproduction of the graphic:


The new Trollhattan Saab store is now available for viewing.

It’s hosted by Cafepress and should be pretty easy to navigate. The front page will offer the option of looking at Viggen or UrSaab designs and the selection of shirts in each design is available for viewing after you click through.

With regards to postage outside the US, I ordered one for delivery here in Australia and it cost US$7 for freight, which is quite reasonable for that distance. Robin M ordered a shirt for delivery to the UK and it added GBP2.50 to the price, which he considered reasonable as well.


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  1. Swade, please get me the Ursaab fitted t-shirt in a dark colour of your choice (black, military green, navy) – I want the fitted tee, but I am too big of a pig for a white one!

    Reckon this is a possibility?

  2. Those shipping prices seem very reasonable, considering that they charged me US$5 to ship it to California, which best as I can tell is still part of the United States.

    Not only that, but I ordered my shirt on Sunday the 11th. I STILL haven’t received it yet. It’s not CafePress’s fault, I don’t think. They shipped it via UPS (United Parcel Service) traceable ground shipping the next day (Monday the 12th). Today’s a government holiday in the U.S. (Presidents’ Day) so there’s no mail delivery, so maybe I’ll get it tomorrow. If so, that’ll have been a whole NINE DAYS after I ordered it.

    I tracked the package through UPS’s website and it was shipped the 12th out of Ohio, arrived in Southern California on Thursday the 15th, and then for some inexplicable reason they mailed it via the (untraceable) U.S. Postal Service. It was last seen at a U.S.P.S. facility in Van Nuys, California – only about 10 miles from my house – on Thursday the 15th, which was four days ago. What the!?!?

    This shouldn’t reflect badly upon CafePress as I don’t think they had any hand in this. They even shipped it next-day. I have no idea what UPS & U.S.P.S. are doing!

    Hey, eggs: how do you like the organic cotton shirt? I ordered the same one (different size though). I have a non-TS one made by American Apparel as well and I love it! So soft…

  3. ’85 Grip: The shirt fabric is fab. However, the cut is a bit fitted, so that additional 35 pounds (16 kg) that I’m carrying around my waist makes the shirt a little more snug than the rest of the T-shirt fleet. I guess that I’d better switch to a bowl of Special K and some fruit compote for breakfast!

  4. Kroum,

    They don’t (yet) do a dark fitted Tee. I’m working on an Ursaab logo for the dark Tee, but it will be a standard fit only. There’s also a long-sleeve Tee if people are interested.

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