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Upon seeing the initial photos of that beasty black Saab 96 with the V6 in it, John D delved into his archives and found some pictures of the car that he took at an international Saab Convention back in 2001.

If the quality’s a little down, it’s because these were originally paper photos (remember them?) but John’s scanner is down, so he had to take digital photos of the photos.

He writes:

I took these pictures at the 2001 International Convention in Usikipunki Finland. This 96 was beautiful, all the bodywork was done in steel, and it was first rate. The Ford Capri V6 fit quite well and the twin turbo setup was outstanding. You can see the air inlets in front of the rear tyres to direct airflow to the trunk mounted radiator. I never got to see the owner to talk to him about it, from what I heard he wasn’t around that weekend and the car was parked in a little display area with a bunch of other 96’s including one with a 16 valve Turbo engine in it.

Enjoy this extra set of clickable pics. The level of work on this car is quite amazing.






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  1. Wow. So…. is this a front-driver? The engine is mounted longitudinally as on a 99 or 900, but what tranny did he use? Of course, there’s no tunnel for the drive shaft to the rear wheels.

    Interesting. Very interesting.

  2. Ah, it is the capri V6. Very compact with a 60 degree v.
    300hp from that engine is very impressive. driving that car must be a blast.

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