MY08 Convertible photos emerge

Thanks to all those who’ve emailed me in the last few hours.

Yes, Winding Road has published spyshots of the MY08 Saab 9-3 Irresistivertable. I didn’t get any notice from Lehmann that these were coming. Even if I did, I don’t think I could afford another 50 Euros to buy the rights.

So I’ll try not to offend the publishing gods and show just this little section and tell you all that you need to go here to view the full images.


What you’ll see when you click through is that:

a) Black shows up the new curvature of the hood the best. The silver SportCombis didn’t show the new bodywork anywhere near as well as what the first black shots, and these convertible shots do.

b) I hadn’t realised how far out the new nose seems to be poking. It’s not just a deeper grille, it’s pushing out quite a bit as well, and I’m not so sure I like that.

c) This convertible retains the old door handles and bump strips, unlike the SportCombis we’d seen that were sans-bump strips and used door handles from the BLS.


I love the treatment on the hood but I’m starting to cool down a little on seeing the pointiness of the nose. I don’t think the dimensions would have changed at all, just the sculpture.

Saab’s aren’t pointy, are they?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m still on a prominent net-positive with this design over all. I can’t wait to see the full production version and even more, I can’t wait to drive it.

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  1. You know, I could be crazy but it seems to me the reflections from the snow on the road actually make the vehicle look a little more pointy than it might be.

    It almost looks like the front bumper is dented on the front right side (first and second pictures), due to the reflections. The same effect portrays a pointy bumper that is reminiscent of, well, Cadillacs.

  2. Comments above may be true.

    Additionally, I don’t think that it’s any poitier than the AeroX which was universally loved.

    I may take more issue with the ‘could-be-a-Lexus-could-be-a-Mercedes-could be-an-Audi’ rear quarters. Where’s the Saabiness? Saabs are flowing with some cool angles mixed in. This mule is bland to the core from the door to the rear of the car.

  3. gee, that lehmann guy sure knows which bush to hide behind or else its been a virtual saab testmule parade on that road over the last few weeks.

  4. Looks to me like they just stuck the new front clip on an otherwise untouched CV … if you read the article that goes along with the pics, it seems to say that the handles will change and the rub strips will come off in the production version to be in line with the SC pics we have already seen.

  5. The steel wheels don’t help the overall effect. Please remember that the current car in Aero trim looks so good because of that nice lip spoiler. This car doesn’t have anything like that. Hopefully they will add a lip to the aero version and lower the car to balance out the new grill.

  6. I’m in the market for a convertible, and this really underwhelms me. I like the look of the ’07 much better. Something about that nose just doesn’t fit. And the 9-5 look is nothing to aspire to….

  7. Yeah, really confirms my earlier doubts that the 9-3 is indeed about to be hit with the ugly stick.

    I fear this will be alughing stock when it is released – that front end just does not sit at all well with the rear.

    Better to have invested the money in raising qality of the interior – that is still the big gap between 9-3 and 3-series. this ‘look’ will scare of any non-Saab fans and clearly isn’t doing much even for the die-hards.

    Roll-on the fll new model in 09/10?

  8. Agree with most of the above. The front does look a little overweight compared to the rest of the car.

    I like the current rear light cluster shape, so glad they are staying, but, the rear needs to be beefed up to match the front, otherwise it is going to look so imbalanced :(.

    I better get my order in for an ’07 convertble pretty quick methinks.

  9. I think it looks very good, definetly more aggressive and mean looking. This seems to be the Aero kit, you can see the “bulge” just in front and behind of the wheelarches. Seems like there is a lip in the lower part of the front spoiler too, just not very pronounced. The rear bumper is definetly new, not sure I like the look of that. Regarding the doors – I would think that the cab probably would retain the old handles and rubberstrip – remember, the BLS doors are already developed, but the ‘vert has totally different doors. As far as I know, there won’t be a BLS ‘vert, so it may be too expensive to redevelop these doors. Also, they would have to redevelope the whole aft section too, to remove the little strip of rubber behind the doors.

  10. This has to be the ugliest SAAB I’ve ever seen.

    I almost purchased and 06 Conv. (Wish I did now!)

    I’d rather own a 9-7x than this.

    Apparently the new EURO pedestrian laws are starting unmask the inevitable half-assed redesigns.

  11. Front end redesign reminds me of a Pontiac. Unless it provides a 5 mph damage free bumper, forget it. Saab used to spend time improving cars, not just making syle changes. Many road tests suggests a need to address the quality of interior parts. A return to a 3-door should also be given serious thought, as should a high mpg biodiesel and/or ethanol hybrid detuned compared to current engines, hitting 60 mph in about 10 seconds instead of 6.

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