New 9-3 Spypic from Trollhattan

Notice of this one has come from Mattias. Thanks a lot.

The picture is up at and those of you that are conversant in Swedish can read the story at that link.

Apparently the car was seen in th vicinity of Trollhattan last Friday. This white color on a darker background with no snow in the area gives a good idea of the general design, which I’m still liking a lot!


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  1. Finally, my insomnia has payed off!! The first to post a comment πŸ˜›

    I’m definitely liking that new bumper/front end design…. I just can’t wait to finally get a solid figure as to drive-train/engine and other specs.

  2. I’m starting to like it more and more.

    Question to the other readers:

    What do you think about the Sport Estate’s tail? I think they should change that as well, otherwise this car won’t be nothing more than a simple facelift.

  3. Sorry, it seems like they are just polishing a turd, to coin a phrase.

    Taken as a whole, the ‘design’ is incoherent, the lines and curves are at odds with each other.

    I know, I know – there are those that say we should wait to see the production model, but I say that this looks like a pretty good indication.

    Bring back Michael Mauer. Or give Saab to Porsche (and back to Michael Mauer)

  4. Damn that is one ugly machine! I really don’t like that front at all… looks like a love child of the 9-5 and some sort of Holden!

    saying that tho I would like to see the “whole package”.

    I’m doubly glad I got the last of the best looking 9-3’s ever! The 2002 9-3 Aero!

    Back to the drawing board Saab and come up with something better please!


  5. It will probably look better on the SportSedan (and in some other colour!). IMHO, the SportCombi is weird (the roof, the side line). Also, its very hard to make a big redesign of one part of an existing car, and not end up with something that looks incoherent.

  6. It has potential, but we need to see the final version. Not too long to wait now I guess.

    I’ll be getting one of these in September, and the look appeals to me, it looks more agressive than the current one, and the front air dam brings the design more in line with modern exec class cars.

    Have faith people, I think this car will look fabulous when finished.

  7. The design seems confused, and incorporates differnt shapes that just don’t seem to integrate that well. It looks like an abortion!

    Drew B

  8. All of you that think this looks a little odd – it is! This simply can not be the final look. I bet they’re laughing in Pixbo aright now. This last picture was shot – on a public road?! Does anyone really think that Saab would go anyware NEAR a public road with such a transparent cloak? And the photos before, clear and sharp on the test track?! If I was a Saab employee it wouldn’t take me 30 seconds to find out who took the pictures and fire his ass. I say these things are planted. I say the lights might be true, but I’ll be damned to think that this grille-arrangement has anything with reality to do.

  9. That front-end is absolutely hideous!!
    Thank God I bought a 2004 9-3 Aero, it appears I better take good care of it as it is the last good looking Saab. πŸ™

  10. yeah.. im gonna have to say that it looks pretty bad.. the current design, while some say it looks boring, i think its understated and very sharp.. this looks pretty messy.. lets hope that theyre hiding something from us.. who knows, but im looking forward to seeing the official thing.

  11. Slow up there folks- we said when this photo first came out that there would be production differences – like colour coding and chrome or brushed steel edging to the grilles.

    It does indeed look clumsy seen here as a ‘Mule’. I cannot believe that this will go out like this.

    Compare it with the photoshop versions Swade put up the other day- with trimmed grilles- that looked really good.

    Oh, and I can tell you that there is a new rear top wing on the tailgate (a sort of hooped job), revised rear bumper and a threat of blinged up lamps.

    No tooling change to the rear door though- too expensive to do that.

    Just wait until you see the real thing- with brushed steel grille surrounds, body golour vents, mega alloys and some bling scattered front and rear. You are going to love it……..

  12. At first I thought this one was another enthusiast’s photoshop. But waitaminit ….. is it for real ? The grille configuration makes the entire nose seem long and droopy like a platypus. Can’t honestly say I like it.

    Let’s hope this is still a cloaked 9-3 and the final version will be better. I agree with above comments that the current 9-3 nose is sharp and best-looking to date.

  13. Mr Cole, it sounds like you know more than what you’re telling us….

    And John, when are Elkparts going to start selling that turd polish? Or is that just for the new line of Volvo products?

  14. I dont think its hideous, its just the styling on the 9-3SC looks all out of whack with that new front. Id like to see an image of the 9-3SS with this front as I think it would look quite a bit different.

  15. All of you that think this looks a little odd – it is! This simply can not be the final look. I bet they’re laughing in Pixbo aright now. This last picture was shot – on a public road?! Does anyone really think that Saab would go anyware NEAR a public road with such a transparent cloak?
    Well, it already happened with the ‘Dame Edna’ Saab 9-5 …we saw shocking spy photos of that and when it was unveiled that was no change – it was just as butt ugly as the images we had already seen!

  16. Swade,

    You might think that,I could not possibly comment.

    If it comes out looking like that with a black framed down turned lip, I will buy a bloody Volvo.

    (Oops I already have one- five cylinders, 250bhp, I quite like it actually)…

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