New T-shirt added

Following on from some feedback received on the last T-shirt posting, I’ve added two more T-shirts to the Cafepress collection.

The first one is a fitted Tee, featuring a bigger and slightly tweaked TS logo in the centre front and the ‘move your mouse’ motif on the rear shoulder.

It’s priced at $20.99 plus cafepress’ postage charge.


The second shirt features the same centred logo on the front and back but is a looser fitting regular Tee. It’s available in two colors, Ash Grey and Natural, and it’s priced at $19.99.


In the interest of transparency, the markup on these shirts is $5 per shirt. It ain’t no goldmine, folks, but hopefully it’ll give you something cool to wear whilst helping me get to Saabfestival in Sweden in June.

The CafePress Trollhattan shop is located here. And this TS motif is the one that’ll be on the embroidered polos, coming soon.

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  1. looks fantastic swade! i will definately be picking up a fitted shirt.. thanks! I hope youre able to go to sweden as well!

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