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Has there been enough info about the MY 9-3 yet?

If not, try these out…..

Last night I asked for people’s input as to what engine code ‘P’ might be. That was the engine code on one of the test mules photographed, according to the Swedish motor registry.

The consensus opinion seemed to be a high-powered diesel variant, possibly a twin turbo model. Now, I can’t say for sure that that’s the case, that the ‘P’ engine is this one in particular, but I have heard rumblings that this engine is indeed in development but won’t be ready until late in the year.

The engine has a large and small turbo. The small turbo will be doing most of the work around town providing low level boost, spinning quicker to reduce lag. Out on the open road the bigger turbo will come into play to provide a lot more boost.


Bamo has emailed me to inform me of an article on a Dutch website that’s supposedly got some more info on the Black Turbo project/model. Unfortunately I can’t find the article myself (now found – here), but Bamo tells me that the article states that the car will be only available in black, with 19″ black aluminium wheels, 290hp and 0-100 in 5.4 seconds.

Apparently it’ll be unveiled in June (Saab Festival??)

No disrespect to the Dutch, but I think we need to take this info as rumour only until there’s some confirmation from more Djup Strupe-like sources.


Much was made by many of the BLS-like door handles on the test mules photographed. I’ve heard today that this photo is a pretty accurate representation of what the new doors will look like.


Flatter panels, no mouldings on the lower section and those BLS door handles. Personally, I don’t think it takes anything away from the personality of the car, but I know from previous comments that others may disagree.

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  1. “only available in black, with 19″ black aluminium wheels, 290hp and 0-100 in 5.4 seconds”

    I have seen this before on other sites and forums, and I tend to believe it could be true.

    I have also seen rumors on several places that this Black Turbo is going to have a very special “spoiler kit”. Seeing this strange new hood on the *black* car on those spy-pics, could it be that this hood is only ment for the Black Turbo to distinguish it even more from the normal models and signaling a massive engine?

  2. It does annoy me that the traditional Saab handle have been scrubbed for those as found on both the BLS and Vectra.
    I believe the issue with the handles were sorted on the MY07 models when a colour coded option available – why couldn’t they just leave it at that 🙁

    Rant over.

  3. Twin turbo -> sequential turbo! Similar to what the new bmw 335 has. Except for the fact that, bmw failed miserably last time they tried, and Saab has been doing this for many years…

  4. I don’t understand all of the whining over door handles. The BLS handles look better, heftier and will be body colored. What’s not to like? It’s not like there are a million BLS sedans running around the world. I would rather SAAB save money on this stuff to put into a TWIN turbo diesel. If the rumors are true who cares what the door handles look like if a twin turbo diesel is coming. Hopefully coming to the USA too.

  5. I’d agree, Frank. While it’s nice to reach for the theoretically perfect vehicle, beggars can’t be choosers. And let’s put it this way: GM isn’t exactly giving Saab a free pass to the country club.

  6. My beef aint that the handles are shared with the BLS its more that their shared with the Vectra, its just one less thing that sets them apart.

    Also if Saab do come up with a super-duper twin turbo diesel you can bet your bottom dollar it will end up in the Vectra aswell!

  7. Hmm… a more Scandanavian look? What characteristics can a door handle have to achieve this I wonder. I personally do not care that they are shared with the BLS. I just want them to look awesome, and they do not. I don’t care if the care looks scandanavian or saabish or any of that anymore. I just want saab to make vehicles that I love again. Why were they so good at that just 5 years ago?

  8. It’s a matter of personal taste, Erek. I myself think Saab makes better(-looking) vehicles today than it used to 5 years ago, and the market seems to share my opinion. At the end of the day, a company needs to sell its products and make money, that is what it all boils down to and why Saab Automobile was created in the first place.

    As for the door handles, I really fail to see what the problem is and find it rather ridiculous that half the talk revolves around them instead of the other changes. Half the electrical in your Saab says GM on it anyway, not to mention the black plastic handles Saabs proudly wore a year ago are anything but premium or Swedish – just cheap.

  9. I dont care about the door handles. If they are ergonomically efficient – meaning you can go for the overhand or underhand grip – then they seem pretty Scandinavian to me. Just one small thing, deleting the rubbing strips from the side of the car makes it look a bit “slab-sided” especially on the SportCombi in the above picture.

    Overall though, I love the new look and cant wait to see it “for real”.

    I actually recall what I said when those first pics of the 9-3SS came out “something like f*** me that is fantastic!!” and when I saw the pics of the update my comment was not too disimilar so its a good sign. 🙂

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