Next Gen 9-5 news

News came through a few days ago that Scania would be taking over Saab’s Sodertajle engine plant, with Saab ceasing engine production there in 2009.

Saab builds its 2.3 engine for the Saab 9-5 at Sodertajle so it was taken as further confirmation that the next new 9-5 would be sighted in 2009 as a 2010 model.

I’ve just received some news based from a reliable source stating that Scania are already establishing their presence in Sodertajle and that Saab may be out of there sooner than expected. The source mentions that the next 9-5 will be ready in late 2008 as a MY09 vehicle – a year earlier than expected.

This is incredibly fresh news and I’m attempting to find out more about it, so watch this space.

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  1. Yes, they need this car asap, but I hope they don’t rush it. It NEEDS to be right, and good enough to take on the A6 and 5 series.

    And please, I hope they use better plastics than what are in the 9-3 at the moment! soft touch, solid feeling and quality, no hollow feeling cheap daewoo bin parts!!!!

  2. Scania has there main office in Sodertalje and they have one of there largest factories there (the largest?) with 7 500 employees, so there presence is well established there already.

    But it is good news if the new 9-5 comes earlier then expected, lets just hope that it is finished when released.

  3. Mind you, they could also be building-up their stock of 9-5 engines in advance. That makes more sense than keeping a factory mostly idle for a year.

  4. Yes, new 9-5 HAS to be better. Exterior, but more importantly, the interior quality. The latest interior makeovers were a turn for the worse IMHO.

    Has anyone compared the feel of the 9-3ss interior before and after the HUD?

  5. Saaboy, I think the interior of my 07 in someways looks cheaper ie: less buttons but I like it, and the feed back from people who sit in it is positive. An Audi driver I know thought it was a big improvement over the old dash. It seems more “user friendly” to me – the climate is easier to use and I am comparing to Audi, the last model BM 3 series and Jaguar etc. not just the old car. It is still not up with the best but the dash looks the same across the range (which I am saying is good), you often need to to spend money to get the dash and interior of a German car to look the part.

  6. Jon, I’d believe that many people like the new layout more than the old. Just like Mr. Swade, I am a fan of that HUD cutout cave thing in the dash :)… I automatically dismissed the new dash as being decent due to the fact that many other of GMs entry level cars have the same layout. Same plastic quality?

  7. Saaboy, I think what you’re referring to as a “HUD” is actually the SID (SAAB Information Display). Prior to 2006 (I think) it had its own place up on the dash, but has since been moved down into the instrument cluster assumedly as a cost-reduction measure.

  8. Excellent — that timing has been my plan all along! 😉

    After two 9-5 Aeros, I leased a 9-3 SC in April 2006 for 27 months. (I miss the 9-5, but just could accept being seen behind the wheel of Dame Edna.) When I get near the end of the lease, I’ll extend it for up to 6 months. That’ll have me returning the 9-3 just as the new 9-5 becomes available!

  9. 1985 Griffen,

    Yea SID, I forgot what it was called.

    In 2006, I thought they had the turbo v6 AND the earlier interior, can anyone confirm?

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