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With a recent family visit from overseas and a lot of stuff going on around here, I hadn’t caught up with Drew B for what seemed to be a long time.

I called over to his place today to find he and his Dad bleeding the clutch on one of his cars (he’s now got six classic Saabs). After it was done, he took it out of the driveway and we went for a spin around Hobart’s inner suburbs.

It was a magnificent day here. High 20s, blue skies. A perfect day for a cruise. I’d forgotten how great it could be cruising around in an old car. Everyone kept looking to try and figure out what this strange car was but you could tell that none of them had a clue.

I was so taken by the whole thing that I think it may be a Trollhattan project for 2008 to source an appropriately old Saab and restore it, with the full story recorded here. I’m thinking either a 99 Turbo or EMS.

But more on that as the time gets nearer.

The car we rode around in today was Drew’s 1973 Saab 95 wagon and it is a sight to behold. Next week, weather permitting, we’re going to take it out again but this time with the video camera so that we can show you all around this quite rare piece of Saab history. There’s a lot of people who won’t be familiar with a 95, so I hope you’ll find it interesting.

Gripen mentioned to me in an email that one of the few cars that GM are missing in the Saab section of the heritage collection is a Saab 95. I hope they can add one to the group as it really was a distinctive Saab classic.


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  1. Sounds like the perfect kick-off to ‘Two-stroke Love’ month at Trollhattan Saab!

    PS: I was shocked to learn that the 96 was manufactured for the European market through 1980!

  2. I just want to see a sunroof motor star in the video somewhere… Drew knows what I’m talking about! 🙂

    Seriously tho… looking forward to it!


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