No Heather Locklear, but still….

ctm asks in comments:

Question: what happened to that guy who was to drive a long distance in his Saab somewhere in the U.S. a couple of days ago? Did he get stranded in Wyoming? 🙂

The stranded story had something to do with a movie featuring Heather Locklear stranded in Wyoming with a blown head gasket in her Saab. It became a running joke for a few comments as Ted was purchasing a 9-3 and had an eight hour drive ahead of him to get it home. We all hoped he’d have the good fortune to run into Heather along the way.

Alas, it was not to be, but he did get home just fine and sent me the following:

I couldn’t resist sending a photo of my new 2004 Arc 5-speed. Definitely not a SOTW candidate and it’s not what I had in mind.

All the way back from Illinois I was planning a photo for SOTW. We have a man-made hill in the pasture for the alpacas because they love high ground and often play king-of-the-hill, fighting for the highest spot. My plan was to open the pasture gate, back the Saab up to the top of the hill in the virgin snow, let the alpacas out to gather around enviously looking at the Saab, with a nice scenic, wooded, snow-covered background. My caption was going to be “New King of the Hill”.

Well my dreams were dashed as soon as I realized the Continental Sport Contact 2 tires couldn’t even navigate my plowed driveway, and my wife laughed hysterically when I told her my plan.

Well, instead of my “New King of the Hill” shot, I got got a shot of the now-dirty car at the top of our barn driveway, by a wood pile (to where I towed it with a tractor) with cats looking it over and crawling over it.

Here’s the photo:


That’s a sweet new ride, and he’s already noted in comments a certain appreciation for the button dash, as would I.

And here’s a picture of Heather to soothe the soul and ponder what might have been….


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  1. I have the Conti sport contact 4x4s on my other car and they are useless on anything less than bitumen. Sounds like the 2s are no better. I went with the Yokohama Advan STs and not only are they cheaper, they drive a ton better too. Sounds like you need an upgrade Ted, SAABs should work just fine in snow.

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