PT as CEO of GM

Sydneysider and new Dad, PT, has submitted a “9-List” in comments to last night’s open entry.

Maths may not be his strong suit though, as he’s entered 10 items in his 9-List.

The full comments entry is as follows:

Top 9 things I’m going to do in the first week that I’m CEO of General Motors:

1) Sell off all peripheral brands and non-core businesses. Chevy, Cadillac, Opel, Holden etc.
2) Announce new investment strategy in Core Business: Saab.
3) Buy back Scania & make real trucks.
4)Re-launch the corvette with a turbo biopower engine, AWD, wraparound screen and call it Sonnet.
5) Do a joint venture with BMW to do a share on the X5 and build a SAAB 4Wd to be proud of.
6) Commission the 91, 93 & 95 hatchback coupes.
7)Move global HQ to Trollhattan and the PR department to Tasmania.
8) Change the business name from General Motors to Specific Motors. Or maybe Turbo Motors.
9) Launch the Saab WRC and F1 race teams with their Biopower engines.
10) Buy back the Saab jet business and convert them all to ethanol then launch a new all-ethanol airline with Richard Branson.

Obviously we can’t have a 9-List with 10 items, so I propose you all make your suggestions as to which item should be culled.

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  1. Drop the BMW shared SUV, rather see a Toureg/Cayenne mix I think!!

    Oh, and strategy to involve merger with (and then deletion of Ovlov)!

  2. Perhaps I was thinking of the tenth objective in week 2……

    Ok, then scrap the X5 – but isn’t there enough models on the Cayenne/Q7/Toureg platform already?

    Note to self: in week two, meet with Porsche and plan joint venture on sports cars.

    CTM – thats my point about Scania – they do make good trucks. Better than american ones.

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