Saab 60th Quick Snippets…..

…..otherwise known as “I’m way to busy to post regular stuff”. Sometimes my day job requires the actual performance of work.


Anyway, Saab Deutschland have launched the 60th Anniversary section of their site, so the German Saabists no longer have to read it in their non-native tongue. It’s available through the Saab Deutschland website.



I don’t know if SaabUSA are getting hot under the collar about this, but the only MSM coverage I’ve seen so far of the 60th Anniversary event in San Diego has been over at Motor Trend. Perhaps others will come online in the new month.

MotorTrend have published a brief history article about Saab’s 60 years, which’d be a good primer if you’re acting all ambassadorial and promoting the brand to a colleague or friend (not that the two have to be mutually exclusive, of course).

The article is here. It uses lots of pictures from the GM Heritage Collection.

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  1. I certainly hope for SAAB USA’s sake that the print version of various car magazines will have a detailed story on SAAB’s 60th Anniversary in next month’s issue.

    You had to be there to have an idea on how much money GM spent to have these journalists flown-in and stay at a chic boutique hotel and fancy dinner with wine, the breakfast, let alone the expense of catering lunch at the air field, the cars provided… I mean, I’m not expecting the magazines to feel obligated and give a good review or anything, but at least report on it for crying out loud!

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