Saab 60th – Sonett III

Following are photos and comments by 1985 Gripen, who attended the Saab USA 60th Anniversary press event, which included not only a drive in the new 60th Anniversary Edition Saabs, but a drive of some pristine old school Saabs from GM’s own Heritage Collection.

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This is the Sonett III. In the far left of the shot is an employee of SAAB, whose name I didn’t catch. Seated in the Sonett Super Sport is Bob Sinclair, speaking with an employee of the firm which stores and cares-for the Heritage Collection for GM. This gentleman drove me in the Super Sport and the SPG later. I was too intimidated to drive them myself, afraid I’d break something. Getting into the Sonett III is Camilo Alfaro, Automotive Editor of Pioneer Press, another guest of the event.



Camilo and John stuffed into a Sonett III.



The Sonett III. I just now realized that this was one of the few SAABs on display with a radio!


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1 Comment

  1. The SonnetIII looks lurrvly šŸ™‚

    What ever happened to the rumours about a new Sonnet based on an AWD version of the new Corsa sized platform?

    The next Astra sized platform is also supposedly going to be engineered to accept AWD easily as well.

    Would love to see a new RWD/AWD Sonnet, with an Aero-X body, it would sell like hotcakes and boost the SAAB brand infinitely šŸ™‚

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