Saab 60th – The Saab 93

Following are photos and comments by 1985 Gripen, who attended the Saab USA 60th Anniversary press event, which included not only a drive in the new 60th Anniversary Edition Saabs, but a drive of some pristine old school Saabs from GM’s own Heritage Collection.

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The 93F 750 GranTourismo.



I love the badging on the 93F. Unfortunately being the poor photographer I am you can see me in the reflection. Darned reflections!



Just look at the aerodynamic shape of the 93!



Look at the smoke from that two-stroke!



Can these cars BE any shinier?!?! A hidden flaw on the 93F only discovered by bending down to one knee to take the photo.



The great typeface. It really is an art.



The sign in the rear window of the 93F puts a point on how rare an opportunity we’re being given on this day.


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  1. The mudflap appears to be broken off around the washer so it’s only being held on by the top screw. I love this car. Saab can send it to me and i’ll fix the mudflap gratis and give the car a most excellent home. I’ve got a can of 2 stroke in the shed.

    As an aside looking at these wonderful older Saabs, i’d love to see the aeroplane emblem make a return. The 9000 Anniversary model had it embossed in the leather on the front seats and it looks superb. I don’t believe it would look out of place now.

  2. Thanks for the compliment, mo.

    And to answer your question, Saaboy, Swade and Paul are right. The flaw I was referring to was the cracked mudflap. You can’t see it unless you squat-down under the car. It just put a point on how immaculate these cars are. They all look like they were JUST BUILT.

    Paul, all of the special materials I received for this event had the SAAB “griffin” logo as well as the old airplane logo. Underneath the airplane logo it says “60th Anniversary”. I’m quite surprised that SAAB Automobile are able to use this logo. I would have thought the aircraft division retained the rights to the trademark. I too really like the “retro” airplane logo.

    You can get that logo on a lot of merchandise sold through the SAAB Expressions website. I personally like the “heritage” collection clothing.

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