Saab USA sales data – January 2007

Saab USA sold three cars a day more in January 2007 than what they did in January 2006.

Total sales were 2,362 units, which was a 3.3% rise over the 2,196 cars sold in January last year. The numbers break down as follows:

Saab 9-2x – 35 units sold vs 50 last year

Saab 9-3 – 1,475 units sold vs 1,541 last year

Saab 9-5 – 375 units sold vs 220 last year

Saab 9-7x – 477 units sold vs 385 last year


Saab USA’s mini press release on the sales data:

Saab started the new year in the United States very well with a solid sales increase versus January 2006. In total, Saab Automobile USA sold 2,362 vehicles in January 2007, which is up 7.6 percent compared with the same period a year ago. (note, the GM release says 3.3% but the raw numbers say 7.6%. The difference may be attributed to the difference in sales days for Jan07 vs Jan06 – SW)

This result makes it the best January for Saab Automobile USA in 4 years, and it also means the 6th consecutive month of sales increases versus the same month a year ago.

Saab Automobile USA intends to continue the ongoing sales momentum in February with important initiatives such as the Saab Customer Appreciation Program, including a purchase incentive of up to $ 2,000 for current Saab owners or lessees interested in buying or leasing a new Saab.

In addition, February will mark the showroom arrival of the extremely attractive Saab 60th Anniversary Editions, available in all existing MY 2007 9-3 and 9-5 bodystyles: Sedan and SportCombi, as well as the 9-3 Convertible. For more details, visit


It should be noted that Saab were the only GM brand to see a sales increase in January 2007. The vehicle market overall saw a reasonably significant decrease, with GM car sales down 25.6%, GM light truck and truck sales both down 15%.

In total, GM vehicle sales were down 19% for the month, so for Saab to see an increase in this sort of climate is pretty darn good.

It’s encouraging to see 9-5 sales up and those of you still poo-pooing the 9-7x should also note that it’s still the second best seller in the Saab range.

Congratulations to Saab USA on an encouraging start to the year.


Note: I’ve started a new category for Saab sales data. All sales data entries from January 2007 onwards will be posted in this category. I’ll try and migrate the 2006 sales entries to it too, but this may take some time.

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  1. 9-7X sales up again and way too many people poo-poo said car. Yes its not overly Saab-like but it isnt cheap and is adding to Saab’s bottom line so hey, its ok in my books!!!

    9-5 no real surprises there as its f-ugly as sin!!!

  2. I was pretty impressed with that too, Ted.

    Maybe people are starting to get used to it. I know I fely a lot warmer about it a few weeks ago when I last drove one.

    You’re off to get your 9-3 tomorrow, correct? Have fun!

  3. Swade, Yeah, I’m killing some time before I take off to catch an Amtrak train at 2:30AM. It’ll be an almost 8 hour drive back tomorrow. I think my wife’s trying to jinx it though. Last night she’s watching Angel’s Fall starring Heather Locklear. In the opening scene, her car blows a head gasket, leaving her stranded in Wyoming where the movie takes place. She calls me in the kitchen saying, “Hey Ted, can you tell me what kind of car this is?” She rewinds it and shows it to me. She knew very well that it was a C900 Saab. Very funny. Maybe that’s where the car got a reputation for blowing head gaskets.

  4. I like the way not a single thing can be posted on here about the ’06+ 9-5 without zippy making a statement about how ugly he feels the refresh is. Obviously some people like it, myself included…

  5. Ted, tell her you’re taking Heather Locklear with you to assist in the unlikely event of gasket failure!!

    and Chris – if you’re going to call Zippy anything at all, you have to call him Mr Consistent πŸ˜‰

  6. i honestly like the new 9-5 it looks great in red. one thing were the average sale incentives higher than last year. dealers in houston were discounting the 9-5 by at least 8,000 and 9-7x by at least 9,000

  7. Like it or not, the 9-5 attracts more and more customers. Here were I live in Norway the ‘new’ 9-5 was more or less doomed by the Press, they really laughed at the 9-5’s new dress. But that seem to be history, more and more (even the Press) seem to be far more positive about the ‘new’ 9-5 and it is climbing on the sales charts. There are plenty of ‘new’ 9-5 on the road here now, the car seems to have grown in peoples mind. When I saw the ‘new’ 9-5 for first time I wasn’t either quite sure what to feel, but now I really like the car. I have a late 2005 9-5 SportWagon in Vector trim, and I really love it (it’s my second 9-5), but now sometimes I wish I should have had the guts and waited a month and choosed the ‘newbie’. Oh well, one of the reason for chosing the ‘outgoing’ -05 model was that the dealer ran some nice salescampaign on the car wich is loaded with bells and whistles. Guess they had to enpty their stock since the 2006 model was arriving.
    Have a nice weekend all! πŸ™‚

  8. If the car blows a head gasket, leaving one stranded in Wyoming, I think it’s for a reason. Like… Like… Like the Swedish bikini team is showing up in a bus 10 minutes later and giving you a two day lift to L.A.

  9. ChrisG

    Its a matter of taste (or lack of) I guess. πŸ˜‰ Whatever happened to the Saab ethos of simple, clean lines which has disappeared along with Saab’s Scandinavian design team? I am sorry but they are kinda like MB these days in that the latters design has taken on a Korean essence and the 9-5 went that way too!

    If they graft on that front to the 9-3 I will no longer call myself a Saab fan – after 25 years of admiration. BUT I could come back if the built that 9-1 baby Saab! *drool*

    Saab needs new models very soon or its a goner!

  10. And I understand that alot of it does come down to personal taste in car design. The BMW 5-series seems to get much the same love/hate reaction. Design trends change over the years and I think that Saab would be at an even larger disadvantage if all of their cars still looked exactly the same as they did in the 80s and early 90s. I like the way the “new” 9-5 has a distinctive aggressive, and (what I feel is) cutting edge look, while still retaining so much Saab character.

    On a related note, the link below is an interesting look at the Saab designers’ thoughts behind the ’06 9-5’s “refresh”:

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