SMS – Saab Messaging Service?

Being the unsophisticated caveman that I am, I struggle to understand how a living could be made from something as simple as coffee. Or, for that matter, wine. But not only do people make their living off them, the occasional one makes a fortune.

People even organise festivals about the stuff, and Saab are sponsoring the Boston Wine Festival for 2007, an epic that lasts from January to the start of April.

And they’re taking some steps to hook the wine crowd as well, using mobile phone messaging.

Attendees are being asked to text in their cell phone numbers to receive food and wine tips. When they receive their first tip, users are then presented with the option of answering questions about any prospective Saab purchase. The next step will be GM dealers contacting interested buyers.

Attendees do not have to participate in the marketing in order to get the food and wine information, which is from Daniel Bruce, the chef at Boston Harbor Hotel’s Meritage The Restaurant. (The festival is being held at the Boston Harbor Hotel.) Users who agree to receive messages from Saab and say they are interested in buying a car in nine months, for example, would likely be contacted by a dealer in that time frame.

The scheme has cost them “less than a million dollars” and has yielded multiple hundreds of names for the company database at a response rate around 38%. They’ll be crunching the numbers to see how it stacks up against more traditional marketing methods.

If you’re in the Boston area and are attending the wine festival, then why not sign up for some food and wine tips and check out saab’s newest marketing scheme. Your thoughts would be welcome in comments.

There’s a calendar of events for the festival here.


Another Swade-to-Sweden mini pitch….

And if Saab feel like sponsoring a blogging trip to either Sweden or the USA I promise I’ll write article after article that will be referenced by search engines for years, articles that can be published in Saab Magazines in various jurisdictions – all of it promoting the brand with stories of the cars, the people, the places.

And yes, I’ll do it all for “less than a million dollars”.

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