Some 9-3 Viggen love

Props to Tim S for a beautiful black 2002 Viggen.

Tim lives just south of my second home (British Columbia) in Washington state, and these pics were taken at the Shilshole Marina in Ballard.

Some info on the car, which reads as a partial list of stuff I want to do with my own Viggen:

Black with all Tan interior (rare)
BSR 3″ Downpipe, Sport Cat & Exhuast
Abbott Viggen Rescue Kit
18″ Ronal LZ Eleganz with glossy black finish
Cone cold air intake
Windows tinted

A magnificent example of Viggen love. Tim’s now taken to referring to it as Saab’s original ‘Black Turbo’ and I think he’s got every right to do so.

Thanks Tim for sending in the pics, which you can click to enlarge and get that full loving feeling.





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