Some Viggen love

When is it really love?

Is it when she’s all dolled up looking fine, shining like a diamond. Is it when she’s smelling sweet and purring like a kitten?

Or is it the real, life, warts and all view that you have to live with day-to-day? That 7am leave-me-alone-I-haven’t-had-any-coffee look?

I’ve been featuring some pretty beautiful machinery during NG900 and OG9-3 month (which is going longer than a month), but this is one of those warts and all photos – but of a car that’s no less loved.


This is Bill R’s Viggen, and rather than tart it up and shoot it in it’s absolute best light, Bill’s given us his Viggen in the raw of winter. It’s got its snow shoes on and plenty of the elements to show that it’s a year-round real world worker, not just a show pony.

We don’t get snow around here very often, but I know my Viggen would be a year-round driver as well. It’s full range of capabilities are one of the things that I love about, as I suspect does Bill.

I should have asked for this via email prior to publishing this, but perhaps Bill could supply us with a clean shot as well?

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