The 9-7x – This is why they did it…

No words from me necessary here. I’ll let David C tell the story….

Hello Swade!

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We’ve just become a two-Saab family! A 2006 9-7x now keeps our 2006 9-5 company in the garage. If you had told me Friday morning we would be buying another Saab that day I’d have taken your temperature and asked whether you had been “inhaling” à la Bill Clinton’s famous quote.

The 9-5 has been my daily driver for nearly a year. I love it. My old car was a 2001 Honda Accord EX-V6; a great car but in my opinion difficult to feel passionate about. To me, the 9-5 is a far more emotional and involving car.

My wife has driven minivans since 1994. She had a 1999 Honda Odyssey LX when the Honda Pilot SUV debuted but found it a bit smallish and we settled on an ’05 Odyssey EX when the time came to replace the old minivan. Lately–and without any prodding from me–she’s been looking at the 9-7x on although we had no plans to replace her minivan for a LONG time. To make a long story short, I made a solo trip to the nearest Saab dealership (45 minute ride) Friday morning to get a tire repaired, asked a few innocent questions and was introduced to a 2006 9-7x 4.2i demo with 2,600 miles on the odometer. We came back together late that afternoon with the kids for her to take it out for a spin. She loved it. The sales rep made a stellar offer and so we traded on the spot.

Saab purists and pragmatists can argue ad infinitum about the 9-7x’s bloodlines, its virtues and proper role. I can understand both sides of that debate. But we all agree on this: Saab needs more cheeks in the seats. My wife has driven my 9-5 but a sedan would never be her daily driver as things stand today, what with three kids and all their attendant gear. She is also not attracted to wagons, so that rules out the SportCombi models. However, the 9-7x is a vehicle that appealed to her and gave her a choice within the Saab brand. The 9-7x brought her into the fold.

Saab has sold another unit (every vehicle counts!), we are a two-Saab family and there is another “rolling advertisement” on our local roads (where Saabs are quite rare in the vacuum between Pittsburgh and Cleveland…although a neighbor has a 9-2x…but that’s another debate!). In this sense, the 9-7x is a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Below is a pic of David’s new garage setup. Well, it’s several photos stitched together, actually. Regardless, it all looks pretty darn fine to me.

Thanks David, and I hope you and your wife enjoy both your new rides.

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  1. Dave C, congrats on the new addition to the family!

    I, too, have a true Saab and a pseudo-Saab (MY03 9-5 and MY05 9-2x) in the drive-way. Our stories sound similar. We have 5 kids (four are step to me, ranging 16, 14, 13, 9, and my rug-rat is 2) and have run in not only the mini-van circuit, but the Honda as well. As mentioned prior, I had a spectacular love for Honda’s (notice “had”). Aside from my daily driver, my wife had a run with a ’95 Odyssey (the style with 4 conventional doors, not sliders) and traded that for a ’00 Odyssey. Soon after I hung my Honda keys up for the 9-2x, I tried her out in 9-7x. She loved the Saab-essence, but it was too “trucky” for her liking. I personally loved the styling and Saab-ness, but as a GM Employee, knew that for $20,000 less I could have the SAME truck, albeit uglier in the Trailblazer, which made it hard to swallow.

    Fate had its way when the two older kiddos were ordered moved to Texas to be with daddy-dearest, lightening our load to 3 kids at home. This enabled us to consider other vehicle options. I sold the Odyssey outright. The plan went that I was to get the car of my dreams, a 9-3 SportCombi, and she to take over the Saabaru. My wife met me after work at the dealer, and to my surprise we couldn’t land the right car at the right price for me at the time. To her chagrin, she had arrived earlier than I and had a gander at a Certified 9-5 that she fell in love over. All the stars aligned, and the rest is history; except for the fact that I still have the 9-2x (slight sigh). There are many things we don’t agree on, but it’s the topic of cars (more specifically Saab’s) where we find harmony!

  2. Inasmuch as I’m happy to see SAAB make another sale, I don’t think I would’ve traded an ’05 Honda Odyssey EX for the 5 seater 9-7x.

    I had an ’01 9-5 LPT wagon that didn’t fit our growing needs and was supplanted by an ’05 Honda Odyssey EX-L w/RES. I kept the 9-5 until the 9-3 SC debuted, and traded it for my 9-3 Aero SC. The 9-5 wagon we had just wasn’t sporty-and with the Odyssey in our stable, I could downsize and add some pep to my commute without sacrificing much utility (compared to the 9-5 wagon).

    As much as I love my SAAB, the Odyssey is has been a suprising pleasure to own and drive-despite my longstanding aversion to minivans (the only true alternative to the otherwise dreaded SUV). I only wish SAAB offered a 3 row/7 or 8 seater vehicle so that I could be an all SAAB household.

  3. Coincidence — I just noticed today that the Oldsmobile Bravada is virtually the same vehicle as the 9-7x. I’m putting together a little comparison, but this truly IS badge engineering if I’m right. Of course, we all knew that it was, but I’ve always thought that they changed a few things. Well, it appears that the General changed even less than I thought!

  4. The 9-7x is growing on me a great deal, pity it will never see the light of day in Europe.

    The 9-4x can’t come soon enough. Starting a family soon, and the wife is adamant about getting an SUV. The 9-4x is too far away from launch, so looking at the Audi Q7 or, heaven forbid, the Ovlov XC90 🙁

  5. Kaz, I’m pretty sure you can get one in the Netherlands and a few other markets. Spain too I think.

    And clean up your garage, PT. There’s some bad kind of bratwurst smell in there.

  6. heaven forbid, the Ovlov XC90 :(.

    Congrats with the 9-7X.

    Now a 2-car saab-household over the past years, including two 9-3 gen I diesels, and now we will dropp the old 900 i-16 in favour of a MY07 9-5 estate , we have our opponents with my brother in law and their ovlov-family. Their V40 was already replaced with an all new V50 and their V70 was very recently replaced by an all new XC90. Very proud they did their first drive with the shiny XC90. And the the ovlov refused to switch any gear. No response at all tipping the gaspedal. So a technician appeared, he couldn’t solve the problem. All we new is it seemed to be in the electronics. The XC90 had to be towed and their way home was to be done in a Opel Meriva.

    Hope our arriving 9-5 will drive from 1ste day after delivery without any problem.

  7. Nice perspective.
    The 9-7X seems al lot smaller and dynamic this way than i saw it at Brussels Motorshow in 06 and 07.
    During one year, i saw just one black 4,2 at our roads in Belgium.

  8. I have three of these gems at the moment. Obviously I find it difficult to part with any of them – a 1996 2.3L hatch with every xtra avail – a 2000 model 9-5 2.3L LPT which I have had since new and my pride and joy – a 2003 model 9-5 aero. We are empty nesters and three cars = one too many so my old 900 has to go. I have test driven Honda, Peugeot, Audi & BMW’s and none compare with Saab for comfort, safety and refinement and as one saab dealer said some time back – the doors on a saab don’t close like a japanese car. There is added bonus – they are economical too! The only drawback in Australia is the distance between dealerships if you want to do a bit of touring. Can anyone tell me when GM got involved with Saab? Aussie Bob

  9. Yes, you an get the 9-7X in The Netherlands.

    It doesn’t sell well actually; I think it not even 100 pcs left the dealer.
    Also in Germany some are sold but also there not thousands…..

    Apparently the 9-7X is not preceived as a “real” SAAB (whatever that may be….)

    I like it!



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