Those new shirts

I had some trouble getting pictures up of the new product at the TS Cafepress shop yesterday.

All fixed now, though.

In addition to the charcoal grey T-shirt that I posted yesterday, the latest goodies to be placed there for your perusal are:

The baseball jersey, which also features the “move your mouse” slogan on the back.



The polo shirt, which also features the “move your mouse” slogan on the back:



And the cap:



All purchases (except the cap) provide me US$5 more to help me to get to Sweden in June for Saab Festival.

To visit the Trollhattan Saab Cafepress Shop – click here.

My thanks to all of you who have made a purchase so far. Wear it proud!

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  1. Yep, i ordered a couple and was very pleasantly surprised at the postage cost to Oz. Buying stuff from the US they normally charge like a wounded bull.

  2. hi Swade, decided to get The Trollhattan Darkness Tee in charcoal, looking forward to the nicer weather so i can show it off, so its not a problem if it takes more than a week to get here. lol.

  3. Just ordered the Darkness Tee in Navy and the golf shirt. I figure I’ve got at least a month before my wife sees it on the bill and I have to explain;-)

  4. Thanks gents, I trust you’ll enjoy them. I have an additional new logo on the way, too, one which might give you some more trouble at home, Ted (and no, it doesn’t feature Heather Locklear).

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