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Saabrina, the electric Saab being built by Mark Ward in Missouri, is getting closer to completion and looking more and more like a heavy duty piece of industrial machinery. On the inside at least.

On the outside it should still look like a 1995 Saab 900.

The latest work involved a truckload of wiring, done to a standard to ensure that the system will be able to handle peak loads of around 1,000 amps.

Mark, make sure you get some video when this baby finally gets rolling.


No tranlsation for this story at Auto Motor and Sport, but Tomas tells me that this 9-3 Convertible is stuck in the garage of the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi until the ice melts away. This is the same hotel where Saab host their Ice Experience.

I hope the top’s up.


Eek! It’s not! I’m sure that can’t be good for the interior.



I got an anonymous tip in via email this morning that Saab Australia would be “getting Hirsch this year……soon”.

I’ve popped off a note to Saab Oz to try and confirm this, but my usual point of contact there (EP) is out of the office. If anyone else at Saab Oz is reading this and can confirm it and maybe even provide some details as to what will be available, that’d be great (I’m looking at you, David!).


Overheard in San Diego:

One of the people at the event remarked about how his young granddaughter was toilet training and after one successful trip she came out and said “Look Mommie, I made a Volvo!”

All names (other than Volvo) have been withheld to protect the guilty and create suspicion over the innocent.


We’ve had unofficial 9-5 month and unnofficial NG900 and OG9-3 month.

I’m hoping to make March 2007 the unnofficial month of Saab 99 love. Start digging through your photos and firing up your scanners, please.

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