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I can’t wait to photograph and show you all the bit of Saab memorabilia I received just 10 minutes ago. Absolutely fantastic!


Uk’s Channel 4 Car section are covering the 9-3 redevelopment story. They’re even saying that testers have been seen out and about, which is news to me.

Swedes, especially those in the vicinity of Trollhattan, please consider carrying your camera around at all times….


Tim S, who owns a very nice black Viggen that’ll be shown here shortly, has alerted me to a Discovery Channel series that’s coming up soon. It’s called “Future Car” and whilst the website doesn’t give anything away, Tim says that he caught a glimpse of the Aero-X in the advertising.

The series will feature four parts:

The Extremes
The Body
The Fuel
The Brain

There’s at least three potential spots for the Aero-X in there.

The series begins on February 7 but it would be wholly unethical for me to encourage anyone with the technology and know how to do that whole illegal downloading-and-posting-on-YouTube thing.


Eeek! A Loch Ness Saab?!


From Flickr.



Whilst future production in Trollhattan is always under a cloud of doubt, Saab’s engineers are in high demand. This translated from Nyteknik (in Swedish):

Saab has the responsibility for development of turbocharged ethanol engines for GM. A mission that has become so much hotter due to President Bush’s recent State of the Union speech.

“There is a strong pressure on us to quickly develop new ethanol engines for GM in the U.S. There is a lot of tuning work to do, and also the fact the the specification for E85 differs between Sweden and the U.S. But we are working on it,” says Kjell AC Bergström, CEO of Saab Automobile Powertrain AB.

Saab is strong on turbo, that where the potential is.

The ethanol engines in US don’t have turbo, so they don’t use the full potential of E85. Which models that Saab currently is working on he won’t tell. The engineers at Saab in Trollhättan are highly sought-after inside GM.

“As an example, the hybrid projects [at GM] in the U.S. are totally dependent on the Swedish engineers,” says Kjell AC Bergström.

Thanks to Tobias and CTM for the translations!


Whilst it’s still January where many of you folks are, it’s now February here in Australia. That means it’s sales data time!

Coming off a record year, it’s going to be interesting to see what happens with Saab in 2007. I’ll definitely be keeping stats for the US, UK, Swedish and Australian markets, with the possibility of also monitoring Germany and other European markets if I can note some solid, reliable feeds.

Anyone willing to get stats for those markets would find themselves warmly thought of from afar 😉


In the interests of transperancy and letting GM and Saab know that it’s worth embracing the Saablogosphere, I’m also going to publish my own monthly stats.

When I last forwarded some stats to Saab’s reps in various countries (late October 2006), Trollhattan Saab was averaging just over 60% of what it has for January 2007. I’m not trying to blow my own trumpet here, not just for the sake of it anyway. I just want Saab to understand the potential of embracing a medium like this.

Click to enlarge. These are fairly basic stats and should be self explanatory.


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  1. Re: “The Troll stickers are back” (saabologist)
    Do you know what years that sticker is appropriate for? I haven’t seen that design before. The only one I’ve seen and owned is this one from the 1960s:

    By the way Swade, I did a Google image search for “Made in Trollhattan by Trolls” and the above link to was at the top of the list. I also see that regular Autoblog commenter Michael Karesh is posting here. You’re continuing ever upward in Saab cyberspace;-)

  2. Swade,

    From Jan-Willem Vester of Saab USA:

    “Saab started the new year in the United States very well with a solid sales increase versus January 2006. In total, Saab Automobile USA sold 2,355 vehicles in January 2007, which is up 7.4 percent compared with the same period a year ago.

    This result makes it the best January for Saab Automobile USA in 4 years, and it also means the 6th consecutive month of sales increases versus the same month a year ago.

    Saab Automobile USA intends to continue the ongoing sales momentum in February with important initiatives such as the Saab Customer Appreciation Program, including a purchase incentive of up to $ 2,000 for current Saab owners or lessees interested in buying or leasing a new Saab.

    In addition, February will mark the showroom arrival of the extremely attractive Saab 60th Anniversary Editions, available in all existing MY 2007 9-3 and 9-5 bodystyles: Sedan and SportCombi, as well as the 9-3 Convertible. For more details, visit”

  3. I like to see the stats on the web page. Swade, you put together a top-notch site here, and it shows in the traffic.

    I don’t know where else to post this, so I’ll just plunk it down right here…
    Some family friends were in England (from California) about three weeks back, and had rented a Saab 9-3. This nice couple, and their three boys, have had, for probably the better part of a decade, a Ford Expedition. (We live near Tahoe, and snow is commonplace, as well as the myriad dirt roads… just sayin’) Upon their return, and after their middle boy (19ish) relayed their excitement about the 9-3, they showed up at church this week in a brand new 9-7X. Simple as that. A nice looking car, that. (Their two older boys are out of the house, FYI.)

    Thanks again for the site Swade.


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