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Confirmation is IN that Swedish Saab dealers are indeed able to take orders for a 1.8t Saab 9-3 BioPower. This marks the first offering of BioPower in the 9-3 range and is significant as it’s major competitors in the Swedish market will be the Ford Focus FFV and the Saab 9-5 BioPower. Here’s hoping it takes more sales off the former than the latter.

Orders can be taken now, but deliveries won’t start until Spring 2007.

The 9-3 and 9-5 BioPower vehicles will be distinguished by their differing egine capacities. The 9-3 gets the detuned 1.8t and the 9-5 will retain the 2.0 and 2.3 engines.

The GB market should be getting the 9-3 BioPower model later this year as well.


I’m pretty sure we heard something about this last year. Maybe it was the negotiations.

Two subscription sources are reporting in English that the Scania has purchased the Sodertajle GM Powertrain plant, which is where all the 9-5 engines come from. Nyteknik has also reported the story in Swedish, which is where Carljohan has plucked this thought from: “Sodertajle is to be closed. Scania is taking over the staff and buildings… the interesting stuff is however that AC Bergstrom (head of engine development) says that they expect to produce engines until 2009, but after that it will be over”

I’d say it’s a pointer to a new 9-5 in MY2010 with a new motor (gotta be a V6) and the end of the old engine at the same time. That’s one sweet, sweet motor and it’ll be sad if they can’t see a further use for it.


Audi are making moves:

The Audi “A1” is confirmed to be coming. It’s presumed that it’ll be designed as a competitor for the Mini and is tipped to debut around 2009. Saab have also confirmed that the “9-1” entry level car is on the drawing board, but we know less about the segment that it’ll be pitched to. It’s tipped for MY2010.

Audi have also recruited Wolfgang Egger from Alfa Romeo to join it’s design team. Egger previously worked at Alfa Romeo, where he played a big part in the design of the uber-sexy Alfa 8c Competizione.

I’m pretty cold on Audi design, but if they manage some sort of 8c injection into the drawings….


GM held one of those celebrities-and-cars thingies a few days ago and Saab were represented by that pimped DUB 9-7x, which was accompanied by actress, Leah Remini. A quick googling tells me she’s on The King of Queens. More impressive, to me at least, is that she was Carla’s daughter in two episodes of Cheers. I loved Cheers.


Hmmm. Katherine Heigl was there, too. My wife loves Gray’s Anatomy.

And yeah, I’d still like them to build that DUB 9-7x as a production model. Hot Hot Hot.

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  1. Tha good thing for me in what Kjell AC Bergstöm of GM Powertrain said was, that although the engines for both 9-3 and 9-5 will be produced abroad the development will take place in Sweden.

  2. The next 9-5 will most likely use a version of the GM Ecotec engine, like the current 9-3 does. Saab had a great run with the old engine (wikipedia says it was first introduced in 1981), but it makes no sense to keep producing it for just one model.

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