TS Desktop Wallpaper – No 2

There’ll likely be a few early additions to the TS Desktop Wallpaper collection. I’ve been wanting to offer these for a long time now so there’s a bit of a back log.

This one, however, has come in fresh. It’s by Mike Jager, keeper of the Per Eklund fan site and also the Per Eklund News blog. I’m really pleased Mike’s got in touch as I’ve been wanting to track Per’s progress a little closer and the news blog makes that task a lot easier.

Per’s building a new car for 2007. It’s a red one, which is a good idea as everyone knows that red cars go faster!

Here’s Mikes photo, taken at the European Championship rallycross race at Valkenswaard, the Netherlands.

Click to enlarge the photo to 24″ iMac size (1920×1200). You can the resize it to your needs.


All TS wallpapers are images produced by visitors to this site. Either their own car or someone else’s, but it’s all user-generated.

It’s about the common enthusiast’s pride in the brand and in their own cars.

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  1. I asked Erik Carlsson if he was still in touch with Per Eklund and was following his European Rallycross racing.

    Erik told me that he has indeed been keeping up on Per’s racing, but he told me unfortunately Per had a rough season this last one. He’s hoping next racing season Per will fare better.

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