TS shop update

The current Trollhattan Saab shop is going to change in a week or so.

The “Premium” shop that I’m currently using allows sales of multiple graphics on the same type of shirt, however the Premium shop also costs some money to run, so I’ll be reverting back to a regular shop in just over a week (when my free trial period ends) with a limited number of design/garment combinations.

To bring you up to date, I’m currently offering two designs – a Viggen motif and an UrSaab motif – with each available on multiple garments. I also have a C900 motif on the drawing board (thanks Jyri!!), but it’s not available just yet.

I’ve taken a screenshot of all the different garment styles and you can click to enlarge and see what’s available.

The Viggen range:



The UrSaab range:



US$5 from the sale of each product (except the hat) goes into the Send Swade to Sweden fund to help me get to Sweden in June for the 2007 Saab Festival. If I can’t make it to Sweden, I’ll be aiming for the SOC in Michigan in August, but the Sweden trip is first prioirity at this stage.

Click here to visit the TrollhattanSaab Online Store.

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  1. Two things: one is that the organic cotton tee I like so much is labeled as “Trollahtan” (sorry, I mentioned I’m a bit of a perfectionist, right?) and the other thing is if anyone wants to buy $35 or more from CafePress they can use this coupon code until the end of the month to save $5 (which basically saves you shipping on a t-shirt). Unfortunately they don’t count the price of shipping as part of the $35 required to use the coupon code.

    But I think it was eggsngrits who wrote in comments that he did something pretty smart I hadn’t thought of: when he bought his Trollhattan shirt he also perused other CafePress sites and was able to mix and match into his final shipment.

    So, if you want a Trollhattan shirt and can’t find anything else in that store you like you can go to one of the other CafePress shops (like this one: http://www.cafepress.com/socalsaab) and bundle together stuff in your shopping cart to make the $35 minimum required for the discount!

    Or better yet, just buy TWO shirts. Or two shirts and a hat. I don’t care. The more money to Swade means the better the coverage of the SAAB Festival! (SoCalSAAB doesn’t make ANY profit off the merchandise in their store, but it’s cool to see all the stuff available)

  2. I’m so absent-minded. Maybe I shouldn’t be in such a hurry to post.

    The coupon code (for $5 off) is SRV146 and expires at the end of the month.

  3. Great idea Gripen! If anyone else has a voucher code to use, then post it up here and let someone get a discount.

    And Eggs, you were 100% correct. I’ve just created the TSUrSaab store to take over the reins when this one runs out of freebie time.

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