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The English are good at many things – walking in the rain, for instance – but add “getting monthly sales data out in a timely manner” to swimming, refrigerating beer and playing cricket on the list of things they’re lousy at.

Via ctm, here’s the British sales data for January 2007, along with a few other markets, too.

UK: 1,534 vehicles sold, down 121 from 2006.

Spain: 456 vehicles sold, up 100 from 2006.

Germany: 290 vehicles sold.

Europe: 6,656 vehicles sold, down 364 from 2006.

Worldwide: 9,526 vehicles sold, down 317 from 2006.

Spain actually overtook Germany as Saab’s 4th biggest market during 2006, after the US, Great Britain and Sweden. It’s great to see the Spaniards still growing strong, but it does highlight the continuing problems in Germany.

So, a fairly even start worldwide for Saab in 2007.


This week, Saab USA will be hosting a bunch of journalists and other industry hangers-on in San Diego at what I think is the offical launch of the 60th Anniversary vehicles and the 60th Anniversary celebrations for Saab in the US.

Trollhattan Saab will be there, care of Mike M, who you all know around this site by a different nom-de-blog. During the day’s proceedings, Mike will get to look at, drool over and occasionally even drive the 60th Anniversary models as well as a selection of Saabs from GM’s heritage collection. And all this in the presence of Jay Spenchian, the rest of the SaabUSA team and the great man himself – Mr Saab, Erik Carlsson.

His thoughts, feelings, excitementations and photos will be posted here as soon as he can process them all and send them on to me.

And yes, I just invented a new word!


A week or so ago I posted on some news from Hirsch, that included a warning to all diesel owners that their particulate filters may not burn off as promised if they only do short trips. Autoblog Green have a story based along similar lines today:

Lex, the UK vehicle leasing company that came out with a call for carbon neutral driving last year, recently issued a warning to drivers who spend a lot of time in urban areas and who never get their diesel engine up to 50 mph for a minimum of 20 minutes at least once every few weeks. Without driving at this speed for this amount of time, the EPF can clog because the soot particles the EPF has trapped can’t burn off, and you’ll have to take the car in to the shop to get the filter unblocked.

This one’s of particular concern for me as I drove Saab’s excellent new 9-3 range of diesels just a few weeks ago and there’s high hopes for them here in Australia. Saab do promote their particulate filters as being maintenance free and this is part of the sales message for the vehicle.

I hope this is something they’ve got covered in the owner’s manual as I have heard from one European market that there’s been a number of diesel’s coming in with filter problems and one could easily presume that this is the likely cause.

Given that it’s so easy to fix (go for a decent Sunday drive) it should be mentiond to customers, rather than having them deal with an unexpected and unhappy visit to the shop.


On a personal note, today sees the departing of my in-laws, who will make their way home from summer here in Tasmania to a very chilly winter in Vancouver.

It’s been great to see them, though their visit here has made blogging more difficult with all the activities etc. So I’m looking forward to some more routine blogging and video editing in the very near future. I’m not sure my wife’s looking forward to that, but……

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  1. “Very chilly winter” ? Actually not that bad these last couple of weeks, as we’re averaging around the seasonal average of 5-7deg C with the usual amounts of fog and rain.

  2. It’s chilly in Painesville, Ohio. We’re currently at 7° F / -14 °C and are expecting a negative wind chill tonight.

    It was so bad this evening that I had to jump start the school bus with my 900! You can add that to the top 100 reasons to own a Saab, Swade.

  3. Emphasis on the “pain” in Painesville, eh, Andy? Right chilly here, too, with a high temperature at the freezing mark (32 F / 0 C) today, and predicted low of 16 F / – 8 C.

    Calling the Brits out, are we, Swade? Y’know, another thing they’re not particularly good at is building a car with an electrical system that’s worth the copper that goes into it. Perhaps that’s why they buy Swedish cars.

    Finally, I love reading tomorrow’s news today — I feel so privileged.

  4. Bah, you weather lightweights!

    It was -16 F this morning in Minneapolis. And everything ran normally. School buses were on time, no delay or postponement of classes, etc.

  5. It’s pretty bad here in Daytona Beach, FL too… Hi of 60 F (~16 C) and a low of 50 F (10 C) with clear skies and a 5 knot sea-breeze 😛

  6. Glad to see that you are aware there is a difference between British and English and that you can be one without being the other!
    Actually the Scots are good at swimming if you watched any of the recent Commonwealth games. Beer should not be cold, you are thinking of Lager, and what is Cricket?

  7. Well, in Scotland it may differ, but lager is beer. Ale is beer, too. It’s all one big happy beery family.

    Michael Jackson (the other one) can guide you along the way to beer enlightenment.

  8. as a non-saab owning saab fan, i love your site — re Germany saab sales: a three percentage point increase in sales tax this year took the wind out of all brands’ sales so it may bounce back once everyone has got over the shock.

    keep up the good work on a great site

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