Wa Saab meetup pics

Greg A has just posted me a link to some great photos of a recent Swedish car meet in Issaquah, Washington. Plenty of Saabs there and a few nice Ovlovs too.

There’s two groups of photos for you to view. The first is on this thread over at Saablink and the second is a nifty slideshow hosted at Saabphotos.

Here’s a coupe of samples. I’ve chosen some Saab 99s to show as March will be the unofficial month of Saab 99 lovin.

Get yer photos out!


Yes, that’s a red Saab 99 ute!!



This is what I’m thinking of for a TS project in 2008. A 2-door 99 with an engine transplant. It’s a lot of work though, so maybe a tidy stock EMS will do the trick just as nice.

What a great photo!


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  1. What’s the deal with that “99 ute”? That wasn’t an official model released by SAAB, was it? I’ve never heard of such a thing. Then again, I’ve never heard of a SAABO until recently…

    Did someone chop and customize a 99 Turbo to come up with that thing? Throw an old Toyota pickup rear window on it or something? What’s the story? Do tell!

  2. As the unofficial Tasmanian SAAB 99 museum, I say NO to the ute.

    I know someone with a ’76 EMS for sale though Swade. Justs needs paint and a general tidy up. No it’s not mine! If you want a transplant I also know of a ’80 900T wreck with a good motor, but honestly a good stock EMS is the way to go. Come and do the Tas-Home-of-99 hillclimb in mine.

  3. I ran across this car a few times when I used to run TSD rallies in the Seattle area back in the mid-90s. Last time I saw it was at Saab Summit 96 (the SOC at Kirkwood, CA).

    As I recall, it was built in the earlyish nineties by a guy that worked at Strouds Body Shop in Tacoma, WA. The bed and rear window are Ford Ranger bits that were grafted on to a rear-ended 99 shell. It has a 16valve turbo, 5speed transmission and 900 seats, doors and other interior bits and pieces.

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