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It’s the 28th of February and given that it’s 2007 and not 2008 that means it’s the last day of the month.

So we’ll be looking forward to reviewing Saab sales numbers for February in the next few days.

Can the US market maintain its momentum and post a seventh consecutive month of year-on-year growth? They need approx 2,800 sales in Feb 07 to do so. We’ll wait with baited breath and fingers crossed.

Will there be a ripple effect on 9-3 sales in Sweden with spyshots emerging this month of the MY08 9-3? Will BioPower availability for the 9-3 provide a boost and if so, will it dent 9-5 sales?

February is traditionally a slow month in the UK as everyone holds out for new registration plates in March. Only 830 units sold last year.


I’ll also be disclosing TS traffic data for the month in an ongoing effort to prove to Saab worldwide the value inherent in the blogging format. Numbers won’t be finalised until midnight, but I can tell you right now that I have a 126GB bandwidth limit per month for this site and as of this morning the 200GB mark has been breached for the month. Ouch!


There will be a couple of minor changes on the site, with a couple of advertisers joining up. Shouldn’t be too obtrusive. The ads will be for a new-car and used-car search site, so if you’re US-based and in the market then please consider supporting them if they provide a good service.


Regarding the next generation 9-5 article posted last night: I am yet to receive any further information regarding this. I’m starting to consider that it was a little of a knee-jerk reaction to post it. The source has historically been reliable, however a lack of response to my follow-up email gives me some cause for concern.

I’ll be chasing this closely. If the source is right then I’d expect articles to appear in selected news services shortly.


Tomorrow, being the 1st of March, its the first day of Autumn here in Australia. Summer is officially over – boo hoo. The days are getting shorter and slightly colder.

But I shouldn’t complain. It’s still snowing in Minnesota….

Greg A’s very attractive SPG:


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  1. I did my part – just completed the paperwork for a 2007 Aero convertible. Should be delivered in May.

    Time to part with the 2000 93 SE!

  2. Hey, we’ve got another 6-12 inches of snow forecast for tomorrow and Thursday. It’s weather karma – we haven’t had very much snow at all up to now.

    BTW, did I mention that I bought the SPG for $800? There’s some fender damage on the left you can’t see in the picture, and the previous owner couldn’t keep it running and gave up on it (turns out the ground wire to the alternator was cut – a 50 cent fix !).

    It runs great, boosts nicely into the red.

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