Welcome to Saabstance – Singapore

Saabstance is more like a Saab forum than a club, but they do get together for drive days and other meetings. I guess that’s a but easier in Singapore than it is in Australia, given that the entire city-state of Singapore is almost small enough to fit in my backyard. OK, not quite.


Saabstance has around 500 registered members, but ‘only’ around 50 of these are active and routinely participate in events. One of the regular meets that sounds like a real blast is a regular gathering at the local Saab dealer on Saturday mornings – with breakfast supplied.

Saabs and food? You’re ticking my boxes!

The Saabstance guys also go for some regular trips into Malaysia and hag with the MYtrolls guys, who I’ve featured here before.

It’s great to see Saab so well represented in a market that doesn’t get talked about too often. Thanks to ‘Mav’ for the heads-up on Saabstance.

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