Whoa! V6 Saab 96 in black.

Details are sketchy on this car, but Olav sent me the pics last week and it’s a sight to behold. Drew B – I think you should be considering this 😉

If anyone knows of this car and the specs etc, then please clue us in via comments and I’ll add the info to this post. Apparently it lives and was built in Finland. Olav’s initial info shows a twin turbo Ford V6 engine in there making about 300hp.





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  1. That is a killer car!

    The v6 tag in the grill is identical to the one on my first car, a 73 Ford Capri, which had a 2.6L V6. A great engine in its day, and very compact.

  2. That is a killer car!

    The v6 tag in the grill is identical to the one on my first car, a 73 Ford Capri, which had a 2.6L V6. A great engine in its day, and very compact.

  3. I wonder if Anthony Lo could design a 9-6 Sport Coupe based on this. I’m not to keen on the 96 but this has changed my opinion. It really does look the DB’s…

  4. Wish I had save the pictures or remembered where I saw them, but if memory serves me correctly, the radiator is in the trunk with huge air hoses feeding air to it.

    The following info is from http://www.vsaab.com/Thor/thor_index.html
    —Joonas Shawar wrote from Finland: Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2004 23:26:55 +0300 Subject: Saab 96 V6 twin turbo Hi! The black, wild Saab 96 on your page is not a V4. It has Ford Granada V6 and twin turbo. It makes over 300hp. I watched this from a finnish “gti -magazine” (www.gti.fi) Joonas Shawar Finland—

  5. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the all-new Saab 9-1x !!!

    That’s a seriously hot car. It looks like a mini-Porsche 911. Saab could do a lot worse than base the look of the 9-1 off this car.

  6. I have mixed emotions regarding this car.
    I like it as a nice looking, sporty, stylish retro car with certainly powerful engine.
    But I can’t accept is as a Saab, it’s a Saab converted to something like a Porsche… Sorry, maybe I’m too button-down man…

  7. On second thought, what the hell was Saab thinking?!?

    That could’ve made such a great retro design in the 90s – everyone would’ve bought one.

    That grille, those headlamps, the whole cute pckg.

  8. My mother in law have one of thoose, but it’s an original MY74 and nothing is done to it. Bad paint, some interiour thing but no rust what so ever.
    Same year as my wife actually…
    Who would have thought…Good year apparantly!

  9. I saw that car at the 2001 International SAAB owners convention in Finland. It is a work of art, all the bodywork for the lares lower chin and tail are made in steele. First class job by whomever built it. I’ll have to digitize the photos I have but I do have some shots under the hood, and under the rear decklid showing the rear mounted radiator.

  10. Excellent piece of automotic sculpture. I have been working and using 96’s since 1978 and admire your fine work. I have one query. The engine looks like a “capri/granada V^”. Did you investiagte using the 2 liter v6 of the original Taunus motor, from which the V4 was a development?

    That V6 is always been one motor I have been curious to try.

    Again well done and I hope it drives as well as it looks!!


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