Why Car Clubs are Cool

Thanks to Edward for forwarding on this story.

When I introduced a number of new links for Saab Car Clubs on to the side bar last month, a few marvelled at how big some of the Saab clubs are in some of the countries close to Saab’s home market in Sweden.

This thread at Saabforum.nl (4,000-plus membership – yikes!) was started a little spontaneously in the hope of getting together with a few members of the club for a chat and a drive. The thread is now 69 pages in length and the get together comprised some 70+ vehicles!

The day started with club members meeting at a McDonalds along the highway A2 near Rosmalen, in the southern part of the Netherlands where they looked over the cars that had assembled and had a chat. There were 74 members there with their cars with more than 74 people in total because they brought some family members and friends or wives along too.

After a while most of the members (about 60 cars) visited the Autotron in Rosmalen, a car exhibition centre where an oldtimer exhibition was going on. They got free parking (normally you have to pay) and a special-parking place for the Saabs and of course an entrance-discount for the forum-members.

Sounds like a great event!

We Aussies have a loooooong way to go.


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