1955 Saab vs 2006 Saab

A few comments about the Saab Draken article I posted last night referred to the Draken on display at the F10 airfield in southern Sweden. I’ve already shown one or two photos featuring this jet, but another one never hurts….

This photo landed in my inbox overnight, courtesy of Saab USA.

Sheer beauty.




Seems like we’re starting a Saab vs Saab thing here.

Psycho Dave has linked to some shots of his cars with Saab jets.

First, the Draken



And also a shot with the Viggen:



And Magnus’ 9-3 that I featured back in January



And then there’s the definitive Saab vs Saab, from the Saab Vs ad campaign


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  1. How nice of them. Nice to know that they have interest, maybe more than you think SWADE.
    Assuie F1 party Sat 10:30pm my place Oi! Oi! Oi!

  2. Awesome contrast between the ‘old’ and the new! But, surely, Saab USA can submit a better picture than that! Sunset, or different lighting, without the tree shade – maybe at sunset – I can see an amazing wallpaper file in the works!

  3. Striking !

    I wish this «body language» was making it’s way faster into the production line. I sure don’t see the parallel with the upcoming 9-3 face lift, but then that’s all it is; a minor face lift.

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