1955 Saabs go home

I don’t know exactly what Cadillac were building in 1955, but it sure as hell wasn’t as cool as this…


52 years after the model was first produced, Saab Aerotech are taking the few remaining Drakens home to be dismantled and recycled in an environmentally friendly manner – the only aircraft company to do so.

The full story is here.


Thanks Ted. I’m still a Move Your Mind man, but there’s no doubt that jets are cool.

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  1. Well, not all of them.
    In my home town a Draken stands next to the road at an exit to a museum.
    This means that you can park your SAAB just in front of this Draken and take a picture….
    Would you like me to do so?
    But we have some snow right now so it won’t be an exceptional photo, but anyways….

  2. I think we might have a photo in front of that Draken already – in the SOTW section? or maybe part of the 9-3 or 9-5 loving series?

    Another is always welcome, though 😉

  3. I was a Draken mechanic at F10 Engelholm when I did my military duty in Sweden, even though I didnt enjoy being in the military still a cool plane… Most beautiful ever if you ask me 😉
    And its propobly my photo that you have seen in here:)
    And I have more photos on Draken too;)

  4. It’s amazing when you look at SAAB’s aircraft and how innovative they are and compare them to the cars when the aircraft firm and the car firm were still under the same umbrella.

    Like the cars, the planes were innovative. For example, you probably already know that in Sweden they consider their transportation system (roads) as part of their military assets. Their fighters are designed to use roads as runways in time of war. All the planes are designed with shorter than usual take-off and landing capability because of this.

    On the rear of the Draken, when it lands these two deflectors pop out of the fusilage and move into the jet exhaust to deflect the exhaust forward to slow the plane down faster. It’s hard to explain but you might find pictures or video of it landing.

    Also, Swedish fighters are designed to be serviced in the field by a small team so they’re VERY easy to work on with minimal specialized tools. They’ve got hand cranks and such.

    I’m sure Aerolord can call you more.

  5. There is a story of a Swedish Viggen pilot who accidentally landed on the wrong road. He realized his mistake, reversed and turned around and then took off again, just avoiding an old lady in an oncoming car. I guess you’ll have to take this story with a grain of salt though, especially the last bit….

    The Draken has got to be one of the most beautiful jets ever designed. I think there is only one left in Sweden that is in “flying condition”, but just check out http://www.ntps.edu. They have SIX Drakens! Some video clips there too.

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