25% off shirts for North America

March 31 UPDATE:

I’m elevating this to the top again as it’s the final day of the 25% off sale for the US Spreadshirt store.

New classic 900 designs now available as well as the original Viggen and UrSaab designs.


I’ve just been checking out the Spreadshirt blog and found out that they have a Super Secret Sale on. The secret part is that they’re only publicising it on the Spreadshirt blog rather than on the rest of the site.

I assume it’s available to all comers that see it though.

So if if you’re ordering from the US, enter the code SECRETBLOGSALE when you make your purchase and you should get 25% off.

If you’re ordering from Canada, enter the code CADSECRETBLOGSALE when you check out and you should get the same discount.

Click here to visit the North America TS shop.

The Super Secret Sale ends March 31st.


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  1. Re: Mac OSX,
    I had trouble in MS Windows using Firefox. I had to use Internet Explorer to order. They are losing sales because of their own bad programming.

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