9-4x is in the house

I heard about a 9-4x sighting via email over the weekend. Well, it was sighted in person but the advice came via email….you know what I mean.

It turns out that a number of dealers that were in Michigan to get familiar with another new product were shown what I assume was a full size mock-up of the 9-4x while they were there. No descriptions available but the word is that new Saab SUV was looking very nice indeed. It was around BMW X5 size and the dealer concerned saw it being quite promising in the light of what the XC90 has done for Volvo.

Given that it was in Michigan, it’d be quite easy to get excited about the prospect of seeing it at the SOC in August. Saab USA did say that a new model would be unveiled there….


That release did state quite categorically that it’d be a 2008 model car that would be unveiled, which pretty much rules out the 9-4x as that’ll still be at least a year away at that point.


I’m sorry this is so vague with little concrete info. The only thing I can tell you is that a few people were shown the 9-4x in Michigan and they like what they saw. That’s it in a nutshell, but small as it is, it’s still an encouraging piece of news.

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  1. I think it is a big news. Eventhou we have thought that a 9-4 was in the works, its hard to beleive it untill you see it, and now some of us have.

    Maybe it will be built in mexico on the same platform as the new Saturn Vue coming in a few months time. The size of that would make more sence, as a SUV in teh X5 size would probably be called 9-6, with the smaller size being the 9-4 (if the XC9-3 does not go under the 9-4 name). Would make sence too as it should not take that long to have the saab developed (if we presume that they started once the former 9-6 with subaru was scraped)

    Could we then guess that what will be releaved in June on the saab festival will be the facelift + the crossover of the 9-3?

  2. It could be the 9-4x in August.. who says all your timelines are correct hmm? 😉 ..I’m just being optomistic, I’ll be ready to see the 9-4x when its ready to be seen and not rushed.. and I’m really looking forward to it.

  3. It could be shown in this summer. I think I see a trend where auto makers show off a “concept” one year before the actual start of sale – but the concept is basically what the product will end up as. Also, be stirring up interest in advance, they could get some customers who otherwise would buy something similar from some other brand.

  4. On the new cars topic, I recommend that you all go and visit MSN.com – home page and click on Geneva motor show and then girls of the Geneva motor show.

    I did not make it this year, but my mate tells me the quality (Svensk- qvalitat)of women was the highest ever. If you click thru the 131 images on the girls site, they just get better and better- brunettes and blondes to die for. Images number 87 and 88 and 105- 120 are how shall we say, attentive.

    Glad the lad’s better Swade, more anon.

  5. Meandering down topic, I went to the local Car and Truck show in Jacksonville, Florida last night. Suffice to say, I was a little let down at representation. I thought this was going to be more of the manufacturers show, but turned out to be a local dealers show. All brands were there, and a Jeep Trail Rated concept and a Dodge Kahuna concept were quite catchy.

    On to the Saab’s. They had 4 models. That’s all. A Parchment 9-5 Wagon, a Chili Red 9-3 Aero, a Silver 9-3 Convertable, and a Polar White (gag) 9-7x. No SportCombi, and no Saab rep and/or salesperson available. Granted, this is not the Geneva show, but there were more Buick’s on display, and they only have a 5 model line. And don’t get me started about the 8 Ovlov’s that were there, including the hardtop convertable.

  6. While I’m glad to see SAAB expanding their product line and finally offering an indiginously-designed SUV, I’m a bit concerned about the timing. SAAB’s pretty late to the party, and by the time they introduce this vehicle I’m hoping there’ll still be a market for SUVs.

    Gas prices in the U.S. (primary market for the 9-4X, I’m guessing) are going up again. I’d be very interested to learn what engine offerings will be available in the 9-4X particularly in the N.A. market.

  7. I suspect the new SUV/CUV will be called the 9-6X (if as Swade says, the dealers reported it to be in the X5 size range). Nomenclature-wise, this would make it the 9-7X’s little sibling. Then that would allow Saab to call the AWD 9-3XC the 9-4X instead, the same way that Ovlov names its wagons one digit above the sedans (S40/V50, S60/V70).

    Who knows, it’s all guesswork at this point. I’m thrilled that there is the concept mockup already being shown, which means production & launch would be no more than 2 years away.

  8. I think an essential element of the new SAAB suv is a third row seat. The xc-90, X-5, and LR3 all have them. For SAAB not to offer one on this model is like starting a race from behind.

  9. Hi!

    If I were GM (or would think like GM), I would redesign the “Opel Antara” or “Chevrolet Captiva” to get a decent and beautiful Saab 9-4x or 9-6x or 9-Xx. Hmmm….???
    Hence, this is what I expect from the 9-4x.


  10. A few features I think should make their way into the 9-4X are SAAB’s innovative cargo track system from the 9-5 Combi and the innovative integrated bike rack from the 9-3 SportHatch concept.

    Of course, they should INCLUDE some accessories for the cargo track too, like maybe a couple of nets or a set of cargo bolts.

    Sure, the bike rack would be “gimmicky”, but I think Nissan was pretty successful with integrating the first-aid kit into the XTerra (that weird square bump you can see on the rear of the vehicle is where the first-aid kit is inside).

    What would make the 9-4X look more prepared for “xtreme” outdoor adventures than an integrated bike rack? It really wouldn’t cost them all that much and would make the SAAB stand-out. Another innovation for SAAB! Of course, Thule might not like this idea.


    The only problem they’d have to work on is on the SportHatch concept there was only room for one bike, I think. Most people would want to go biking in pairs, I would think. The integrated rack should be capable of carrying a minimum of two, IMO.

  11. According to a local saab-dealer the new 9-4x will come in nov/des 07 as a 08my. in the beginning only the engine 2.8V6 will be available just to get the big attention for it (important engine for usa?). Afer a couple of months the biopower and the diesel will come. The car will first be shown at the 60 th anniversary in june at Trollättan. It is based on the epsilon II platform.

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