99 EMS loving

We’re almost done with the month of 99 love, but it’s been fantastic to cover this iconic vehicle in Saab’s history.

Brendan B runs the Australian Saab 99 register and in addition to the 99 EMS below, he also owns a black Saab 99 Turbo.


I bought the car from a guy who lived in Geelong and decided to fly down and drive it back myself. It was a great trip, I left Geelong and headed straight up to Wodonga, arrived lateish. I stayed over night and meet up with a fellow Saabista who owns one of the very few Sonett III’s in this country.

His Sonett III and my 99 EMS are both MY74 so they would of been the two sporty offerings of the day and was quite interesting to compare the two. After Wodonga I set out on my way to Sydney stopping at anywhere that seamed interesting. One place I stopped was Gundagai, after getting on “The Road To Gundagai” (a catchy old Australian song). This is one of my favourite photos of the trip.

Click to enlarge.


And here’s the Sonett in Wodonga, with the EMS in the background.


The other two pictures are once I finally got it home, which wasn’t for another two months as I had to sort out a lot of things before I could get NSW registration.




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