A bike rack with a difference…

Here’s a nice little piece of Saab ingenuity, emailed to me by ‘G’ in Germany. It’s his custom-made bike rack for his Saab NG900.


As shown on the photos the fork of the bike is kept in a fixture, using M8 nuts. Two brackets are mounted on a board that is placed on the backrest of my SAAB 900 (after folding it down). In order to close the hatch it is necessary to remove the saddle.

This device allows the transport of two bikes. There is room for driver, front passenger and additional lugagge. It works well for mountain bikes and any bicicles that have no mudguards. On bikes with front supension it may be necessary to compress the fork so that the handle bar does not touch the roof trim.

Transportation inside has some advantages:

– theft protection
– you do not have to reduce the speed on the motorway
– you can enter parking garages

I designed the device myself and had a little help from neighbours building it.

The pictures with the car were taken in summer 2001 on a camping site at Cap Ferret (France) on the Atlanctic coast (1200 km from my home in Germany). I am still driving this car as I would miss the versatility it offers if I replace it.









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