A little more on THAT Sonett III

I posted this video a few days ago and overnight I heard from johnnyV4, the guy who posted it on YouTube.

When I first saw/heard this I was wondering what the heck could be in that engine bay. First of all there’s the huge sound of the thing. It really does sound like a monster (or maybe I’ve got the volume cranked a little high on my Mac).

Second, there was the air filter, which was big and tall enough to require some surgery on the hood.

Well, it is a V4 and from the sound of things, the original Ford-sourced V4 that comes in the car, albeit with a few modifications. Here’s JohnnyV4’s email to me via YouTube:

The Sonett isn’t mine. It’s my friends car. I have 96 which you can see on another video I uploaded.

You were wondering on Trollhattansaab.net is the engine bigger than V4, but it’s “only” V4. Here is list of some modifications:

– 1.7 liter crankshaft with 93mm Ford OHC pistons.
– 7.9 camshaft.
– Ported cylinder heads with big valves.
– Custom made exhaust
– Weber 32/36 DGV carb.
– Lightened flyweel.
– etc.

Greetings from Finland,

Johnny V4

I originally included this video on a post titled “Things that I’m not sure I’d do to a Sonett”. I’m still not sure if I could bring myself to cut the sheetmetal, but kudos to JohnnyV4’s friend for getting an original Sonett engine to sound so lumpy.

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