A pair of road tests and a dead-set legend

I mentioned this the other day, but i don’t think I made enough of it. And its really quite good.

Winding Road is a free downloadable e-magazine. It’s a very good quality publication and I’m sure you’ll find something in it that you might enjoy.

Especially this month….



There’s also a short road test of the Saab 9-5 Anniversary edition.


Click on the link above to go to Winding Road’s website and you can download the e-mag in PDF format from there.


The Chicago SunTimes also has a review today, this time of the Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan.

There’s not anything in this review that will come as news to anyone familiar with the 9-3, but it’s a good, positive review and represents the brand well.

If there’s something I can draw from the most recent reviews of the 9-3, it’s that the 2007 model seems to be getting positive coverage everywhere I look. Just a few weeks ago I had a dealer (outside of the US) adamant that the incentives being offered on 2006 models in the US wouldn’t be enough to lure him into a 2006 model over a 2007, such are the improvements in cabin noise, handling, equipment and driving in the 2007.

Strong endorsement.

Our host, Dan Jedlicka, likes the 07 model too, offering the following for starters:

The Swedish Saab always has been for someone who wants something, safe, solid and a little different.

Saabs have become more mainstream in recent years. They’ve long been proficiently designed because they come from a company that makes airplanes.

General Motors owns the entire Saab operation, having bought half of it in 1990 and the rest in 2000. It has left Saab cars pretty much alone because it recognizes that distinctive autos are part of Saab’s appeal.

Well, it’s sort of accurate and nice to have it said…..

Dan finishes with a flourish:

Many owners of older Saabs were individualists not out to impress anyone. The new models are more mainstream but bought mostly by folks who appreciate their virtues — and still want something a little different

Hear! Hear!

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  1. About The Winding Road article: it was very complimentary and it was good to see Mr. Vester get a “shout-out”, but I wanted to point out one thing that bothers me: SAAB aerospace does not and never did make stealth jets. There is nothing “stealth” about SAAB aircraft. I’m wondering if Mr. Leffingwell knows what “stealth” means in relation to aircraft…

  2. Erek: agree on how attractive the Gripen is. Also it has some innovative features I’m not sure any other fighter in the world has.

    For example there’s an Ericsson radar system that allows a pilot and his wingman to fly together using only one aircraft’s radar and the information is shared between the two aircraft. So if an enemy fighter were to face the pair, he would only see the one aircraft’s radar emissions.

    So a tactic is to have the wingman with his radar switched-on lag behind the leader. The leader would then “surprise” the enemy fighter by his presence.

    As for the stealth comment in the article, what is weird is that he says the car is based on SAAB’s “roots” in building stealth jets.

  3. The US bombers and fighter have had a system similar to that since the introduction of the F-117 Stealth Bomber and especially on the F-21 Stealth Fighter (aka “Raptor”)…. and prolly soon to be on the new JSF Multi-force Fighter.

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