About THAT 900 photo

Here’s something I didn’t expect.

I posted this photo earlier today in my post called “Sorting It Out”.


There was a short note about this photo placed in comments to the post, but then this appeared in my inbox a short time later:

My name is Nicklas A and I’m living in Gothenburg, Sweden. Just 70km south of Trollhattan.

I posted a comment under the picture of the black 900 Turbo you published today. But I thought I write you some lines about the history of that car.

First it’s a 900 Turbo from 1980. My dad got it delivered in February the same year. The price was around SEK 68000,00, which I believe is around AUD 12000,00. Apart from the standard equipment with the classic red interior it has a 5-speed manual gearbox, power steering and sunroof. Still today, after 240000km, it has the same gearbox and power steering. But the turbo had to be exchanged after 210000km. Not bad anyway.

I got the car from my dad in 1993 when I turned 18 and got my driving license. I had it as a day to day car until 1997 when I decided to change it for a 1988 model 900 Aero 16v. But the day I took if off registration it was still running and every summer I go for a short run in the car just to make sure it’s still doing its job. The car is now in a garage 100km outside town. The plan is to get it out and drive it when ever the sun is shining down from a cloudless sky. That happens sometimes even here in Sweden. But for the time being we are living in “down town” Gothenburg and the parking places are not for free and you don’t want to park a “family member” everywhere. So I guess I put the dream on hold for some years until we buy the house near the sea with the double garage so I can have it next to my other Saab… today it’s 9-3 2.0t SportCombi -06.

The reason for Saab borrowed the car in 1996 was that they don’t have a black 3d 900 turbo from early the early 1980s in the museum. They said that they have a white one, but that was not in a condition to drive and they wanted a black one for the calendar. At that time I also knew a guy in the steering committee for Saab Sweden. He remembered that my dad used to have this car and it was said to be in mint condition. So one evening Saab called me and asked if they could borrow the car for a day. I got to borrow a 9000 CSE 2,3turbo 200hp instead for that day so I was happy…

The picture Saab took that you have published is for sure one of the nicest pictures of a Saab ever. But I will get some ordinary pictures of the car next time when I’m visiting the garage and send them over to you.

Here is my CV of the cars I owned:

900 Turbo – 1980 (still mine)
900 Aero 16 – 1988 (sold)
9000 Aero – 1995 (stolen on x-mass eve in 2001)
9-5 Aero Sport Combi 2001 (sold)
9-3 Aero Sport Sedan 2003 (sold)
9-3 Linear 2,0t Sport Combi 2006 (the car I drive today)

I want to thank Nicklas for writing in. It’s not often you get the story behind a car that’s been used by Saab in this way. I’d have thought it was one of the museum cars, for sure.

Here’s hoping Niklas can perhaps get the car tidied up for the 60th Anniversary events in June. Place a big poster image of the original photo next to the car and I’m sure everyone will recognise it straight away.

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