Bluetooth for the US Saab market – part 2

A funny thing happened as I was on my way to work this morning. A carrier pigeon flew down, landed on my shoulder and gently nudged my ear. He looked quite tired, but motioned toward the papers tied to his leg.

Here’s what those papers said:


Subject: Revision to Bluetooth Handsfree Kit for All Saab Dealers

Bluetooth Handsfree Kit is now avalable for all new Saab 9-3 and all Saab 9-5 vehicles from MY01 onward. Bluetooth is a wireless method of transferring information between mobile telephones hands-free kits in cars, headsets, computers and other communication devices. Bluetooth is an open standard, allowing Bluetooth products from different companies to communicate with each other, all you need to ensure is that your mobile telephone is Bluetooth compatible.

Once the Bluetooth handsfree kit has been installed into the car, there is no need to dock your phone into a telephone. Just leave your phone in your bag or pocket when entering the car. Your car will automatically link with your mobile phone as soon as you turn the ignition. If you are already in a call when entering your car, the car will automatically get transferred to your car and back to your phone as you leave the vehicle.

The Bluetooth handsfree kit is voice operated and allows you to dial a number by simply speaking a number or a name. Conversations are held through the car’s audio system, which automatically mutes your radio for incoming calls and allows you to change the volume also by using the buttons on the steering wheel. All to ensure that you can keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel while driving.


Part #32025900 Adaptor (-TEL1 prep)- – MSRP: $32.00
Model Application: 9-3 MY03-06, radio/navigation (0.6h)
9-3 MY07-, radio (0.6h)
9-3 MY07, navigation (0.8h)

Part #32025907 Blue Tooth Kit (&TEL1 prep) – – MSRP: $320.00
Model Application: 9-3 4D/5D MY03- (0.6h)
9-5 MY01- (0.9 h)


Addendum/Revision to Original Bluetooth Message below:

How to determine if a car requires the adapter harness:

Some cars have factory pre-wiring for a hands-free phone. This is referred to as TEL1 in the instructions. These cars do not need to have the adapter harness installed.
Check (squeeze) the shark fin antenna. If the car has the pre-wiring, the shark fin will not bend as there is an antenna inside the outer shell. These cars will also have a microphone in the overhead console (although it will not be utilized for this kit). Models that have the pre-wiring (TEL1) do not need the adapter harness. All others do require the adapter harness.

Important note regarding OnStar equipped vehicles:

This hands-free kit is not compatible with OnStar and therefore cannot be installed in any vehicle with a functional OnStar system. The installation instructions for the adapter harness list 2007 9-3 with Navigation as one variant. Please note that U.S. 9-3 models for the 2007 model year require OnStar when the Navigation system is chosen, therefore this kit cannot be installed on a 2007 9-3 with Nav.(and hence, OnStar).


Hopefully that should clear up a lot of the Bluetooth questions out there.

The good news is that it’s available.

The bad news seems to be that you can’t have it on an 07 model if you also want Nav, as Nav is bundled with OnStar and that clashes with Bluetooth.

As I know diddly-squat about OnStar and the phone service offered, I’ll refrain from writing my opinion on this. Y’all can write yours, though.

All in all, it’s a positive development that it’s available and especially that it appears to be OK for a retrofit job on prior years 9-3 and 9-5 models.

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  1. Great that it’s available, but it’s absurd that you can’t get Navi if you want Bluetooth. Actually, what’s absurd is that if you want Navi you have to get OnStar.

    Hopefully someone from Saab USA is reading this and will reconsider that for MY ’08.

    I would love to know the technical reasons as to why OnStar will prevent Bluetooth from working.

  2. I think it is weird that you cannot install this into cars with nav as nav requires onstar but in the description there is the option of MY07 w/nav.

    9-3 MY07, navigation (0.8h)

    If it is not compatiable with it then why is it listed? Or am I just not reading that right?

  3. Maybe we are not talking about the same here, but when I took delivery of my 2005 9-5 SportCombi it was equipped with bluetooth handsfree system wich among others is muting the audio system and activate the SID when phone call is received or sent.

  4. I have a 01 9-3, so can I contact my dealer to have this accessory installed? It looks like the post mentions 9-3 and 9-5 MY01 onward, but the part that is used only mentions the 9-5 from MY01. Can I have some clarification?

  5. hmmm…I wonder about Onstar equipped vehicles w/the analog service that will soon be defunct. I wonder if the Onstar module can be easily swapped for this bluetooth one?? My MY03 9-5 has the analog Onstar, but I have never used it.

  6. Mike,

    You are reading it correctly, but you are assuming all the world is like the States; and that’s not the case. In most of the world you can get Nav without having OnStar forced down your throat …


    I would ~guess~ that you would be able to do something along those lines since it states the BlueTooth module can not work alongside ~functioning~ OnStar modules

  7. How ridiculous is it that you can’t use it if you shelled out all that money for nav which has to have Onstar! A 35k plus car cannot have bluetooth.

    Won’t this hurt Nav sales in the US even more?

    Perhaps there is a way to by-pass/unplug Onstar…..

  8. Functioning OnStar? I have the system pre-installed on my MY03 9-3, but I have not renewed by subscription for this useless junk service. Does that mean I could install the Bluetooth module?

  9. Hello, I have a 07′ 9-3 sports sedan. I have read your comments above and would like to know if you know if I could install the Bluetooth to my car. I have the controls on the steering wheel and the shark fin antenna is not flexible. What can I do to get the bluetooth? Do I need both parts listed above? Does my car have a MIC. Please any info would be great. Thank you for your time.

  10. I have 07 9-3 Anniv. edition and I bought a Motorola IHF1000 can you help with the install? Need some instructions please.



  11. Just took delivery of an 07 anniversary 93 –

    My sharkfin does not bend – what do I need to buy to get my blackberry working in the car?

  12. Can you tell me if I can have the Bluetooth kit retro fit to my SAAB 93 Convertible 2001. It has the wiing for handsfree and a mic already.




  13. Neil, the unit described above in the article is the Saab-backed solution for the 03-onwards 9-3.

    For your generation, you’d have to consult with your local Saab dealer, or perhaps try and check out any discussions on Bluetooth in the forum for your model.

  14. Hi
    You have shown the Part #32025907 Blue Tooth Kit (&TEL1 prep) with availability for the 9-3 4D/5D MY03-. I have seen references that this kit will also fit the 2004 9-3 Convertible. Do you know if it will. I’m getting conflicting information.

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