Bluetooth for the US market – part 3

Given that the 2003 model year was quite successful for Saab, there’ll likely be a few people getting these (another item dropped in by carrier pigeon). It’s a letter advising that their analog OnStar service won’t work in 2008.

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At least of these customers left comments to my post from yesterday that detailed the new Bluetooth connection that’s being made available for the 9-3 and for 9-5s from MY2001 onwards. On of the caveats with this new Bluetooth connection is that it won’t work where Onstar is connected.


hmmm…I wonder about Onstar equipped vehicles w/the analog service that will soon be defunct. I wonder if the Onstar module can be easily swapped for this bluetooth one?? My MY03 9-5 has the analog Onstar, but I have never used it.


Functioning OnStar? I have the system pre-installed on my MY03 9-3, but I have not renewed by subscription for this useless junk service. Does that mean I could install the Bluetooth module?

Now, it’s just my guess, but I’d assume that a non-functioning Onstar system should not pose a problem. The mere presence of Onstar wiring, in my in-learned opinion, shouldn’t preclude this new Bluetooth product from working.

Perhaps there’s someone with concrete knowledge about this that knows the answer. Please let us know in comments as it’d be good to iron this one out.

The other issue is the number of cars that’ll be floating around with redundant Onstar buttons.

But at least it’s a problem that won’t be confined to Saab.

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  1. afaik one gets a mobile line($50?/mnth) for the car that can only be used for Onstar in an emergency, the most common being “ah I locked my keys in the car”…cant figure whats dummer. How can one possibly lock ones 93 key in the car? Oh wait…its one of those profit schemes. Brillaint

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