Thanks to the generosity of many of you I’ve just been to our local Flight Centre travel agent and booked myself a ticket to Sweden!! I’m so excited I can’t believe my underpants are still on!

ctm, you need to book us in somewhere for dinner on Saturday, June 2nd. I’m flying into Stockholm because I owe you plenty for all the translations etc.

If anyone’s travelling between Stockholm and Trollhattan on the 3rd then I’d love to catch a ride.

I’ll be in the Trollhattan environs until the Festival ends and then I have to make my way back to Stockholm for the return flight.


Like I said, it’s due to the generosity of many visitors to this site that I’ve been put in a position to book this flight now. So thank you all, thank you very much.

I have approximately 10 days to get the rest of the money together, pay for the flight and therefore secure the booking. The “Send Swade to Sweden” fun has raised almost A$850 and the international airfare (I still have domestic fares to book) is A$2,350.

If anyone else would like to contribute to the fund either by donation or by purchasing a T-shirt (new European shirts will be posted later tonight – and they’re great) then your donation would be gratefully received and you can rest assured that I’ll be working my butt off while I’m there to bring you all the best coverage of the Saab Festival that I possibly can.

Again, my thanks to everyone and I’ll see you in Sweden!

Click link for the Send Swade to Sweden donations page.

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  1. Congrats on the booking. I’d like to buy you lunch the 4th or the 5th here in Trollhättan. If you cant get a ride from Stockholm to Trollhättan then the best (fastest) way is to take the X2000 train to Gothenburg, switch trains there and then take the local train up to Trollhättan. Once we get closer to you getting here I’ll send you my phone numbers and such in case you need any help once you get here. 🙂

  2. Yeah, I figured the train will be my most likely way there, and I assume it’ll be a nice way to see the countryside.

    And Saaboy, 37 is the number. Technically old enough to be your dad, so respect your elders, ya hear?!

  3. If you go to the HUGE factory sale then i need a few things:

    Carbon Fibre Dash (right had drive one)
    18 inch Hirsch rims
    Saab Sports Zorst!

    Cheers maty

    al 😉

  4. Al, that’s an impossibility! Swade can only carry so much, and he’ll already be weighed down with old V4 parts for Yours Truly. I’m even supplying him with an extra large case for items such as body panels and wheels……


  5. so glad to hear that you have a flight. it will be good to meet you, i expect saab will have a car waiting for you at Gothenburg, you never know.
    37, is that all…..

  6. What about the accommodation? Have you already arranged that?

    I heard that the nearest hotel that is available in in Gothenburg (that’s the current situation)…

    Because I knew that the hotelrooms are going to be booked quite fast, I booked the hotelrooms first and then worried about the travelling to Trollhättan and back. A recipe that worked 🙂

  7. SaabSwap, I think that they won’t have Hirsch rims for sale over there. In 2005 they sold couple of rimsets and they were really cheap but they weren’t Hirsch.

    Some examples from 2005 Saab Festival:
    17″ 9-3 Sport Sedan rimset (SDCC second hand): ~100 euros!
    18″ 9-3 Sport Sedan rimset (the first 18″ model ever made for Saab), brand new: ~400 euros!

    And yep, those prices were for the whole set. And of course they were originally in SEK (Swedish currency) but because I’m using euros all the time I “recalculated” the prices in euros.

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