Bugatti Veyron at 400+

Completely un-Saab related, but completely unmissable.

Thanks Richo. Watch this before it gets taken down.

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  1. I loved the 2001: A Space Odyssey treatment!

    That is SOME track. Did he say how long that straightaway is? I know he said you can’t see the other end because it follows the curvature of the earth. The horizon, I think is typically 20 miles away, so is that straightaway more than 20 miles long? That’s SOME TEST TRACK!

  2. Amazing, really. But I’d rather have 35 loaded 9-5’s for the same price.

    Or, I’d take one 9-5 and pocket the US $1.36 million.

  3. Nevitz:

    I’d get a
    1991 Beryl Green SPG,
    a 1997 9000 Aero Commemorative Edition,
    import a T16S Carlsson,
    a white 2007 Anniversary Edition 9-5 Aero Sport Combi,
    an Ice Blue 2007 Anniversary Edition 9-3 ‘vert,
    a 1978 99 Turbo (with louvers and Incas),
    a 1993 900 Turbo Commemorative Edition,
    and build an exact copy of the 1981 900 Turbo “Silver Beast” (with all functional gadgets).

    Then I’d take the leftover money and put full Hirsch leather dashboard treatment on the ’07 9-3 and body kits on the new models!

    With the money left over I’d buy a trip to Trollhattan to visit the SAAB museum. 🙂

  4. …..and invest the rest at 10%

    I think I’d build a southern hemisphere Saab Museum. Might have to mock up a Sonett I though. They’re hard to get nowadays.

  5. I like that list of Saabs, but WHERE IS THE VIGGEN?!?!?! Also, are any of you cyclists here? If not, I’ll save you guys the glorious list of bikes and wheelsets.

    Oh, yea, cool car…

  6. Saaboy: are you referring to my comment?

    No offense to ANYONE (including proud Viggen owner Swade), but the 1994 through 2002 vintage 900/9-3 just isn’t my thing. I know my wife owns an ’01 9-3, but that’s HER car.

    That being said, if I’d actually had the chance to drive a Viggen myself my opinion may change… 🙂

  7. Theses two was photographed here in my hometown in the middle of Sweden. This was a couple of weeks ago in the middle of the winter, they where probably on there way up to Arjeplog for some winter tests. I can imagine that you have to be easy on the throttle with that car on our icy roads.

  8. 1985 Gripen:
    Just before the halfway point in the video he mentions the straightaway is 5.5 miles long. Not long when you consider 250mph is covering 4.17 miles per minute.

  9. Saaboy, are you thinking the best from Mavic, King, or even more glorious? I know that when you’re talkinga bout 1.4 million, you might just feel so inclined to get the bee’s knees on your bike. I have simple Bonty Race’s on my roady, XT on my hard tail, and I’m building my soft tail with XTR/Mavic717 rollers. I may have just secured a deal on some Crossmax SL’s for cheap, but cheap still means 4 bills (!).

    Anyway, about the Bugatti… I’d drive it.

    Glad to know there are other cyclists here. My humble collection is all Klein:
    ’98 Attitude Race (XT)
    ’02 Quantum (105)
    ’04 Palomino (XTR, and not assembled yet.)
    And my 9000 Aero to carry them.

    Great site, Swade.


  10. “Also, are any of you cyclists here? If not, I’ll save you guys the glorious list of bikes and wheelsets.”

    *raises hand*

    Mountain biker here…..more XC than free-ride/DH stuff….i love going fast all the time (hence my need for a Viggen).

  11. Stuff the cars mate, with that sort of money I could order a Heather Lockthingy clone- a younger one- or a taller Kylie!

    I’d buy a Saab with the change though- honest…

  12. Full Dura-ace Carbon for me! Ksyrium ES at the moment. 15.5 lbs w/o junk on my bike :). Its for sale, $3800.

    Next is 14.82 outa the box, again ksyrium es set, but full sram force, yum yum… I work at a shop…

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