C900 T-Shirt now available

I’m heading off to the footy. My team is actually here in Tassie this weekend, so I’m not going to miss them.

Before I go though, I’ve just created a new T-shirt for those that might be interested. It’s based on a C900 design that was graciously lent to me by Jyri from Estonia. It’s the basis of their club T-shirt as well.

There’s only one product available at the moment with this design, but I’ll add more later in the weekend.


I have closed the combined CafePress shop as the free trial had ended and I don’t think it was going to be cost-effective.

There’s now individual shops for the various designs available:

Viggen design Cafepress shop

UrSaab design CafePress shop

C900 design CafePress shop


Eggs n Grits has also designed a C900 Tee, which you should check out as well.


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  1. OMG I just got my first batch. I haven’t even had a chance to wear them, and now you do a C900 design.

    It’s imperative that I have one.

  2. Can I make a request? A joint effort between eggsngrits and TS to create an organic cotton shirt with eggs’ “This is how I roll” slogan but with Swade’s C900 hatchback silhouette and then on the back have it say “BBTH” in big letters with “(Bring Back the Hatch)” in smaller letters under it and the TS URL?

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