C900 T-Shirts arrive for the US

I’m pleased to announce that Spreadshirt has finally approved the C900 design and that T-shirts featuring the classic 900 logo are now available in the US shop.

My thanks again to Jyri for making the c900 silhouette available and Ivan for formatting it to meet Spreadshirt’s printing standards.

There’s around 30 different C900 shirt combinations to choose from, all produced using Spreadshirt’s plot printing process to ensure the best possible result.

The majority of shirts use a flock print, which is a velvet-like finish that’s very precise and long lasting.

For the c900 only, I’ve also set up a couple of metallic gold and silver flex prints as well, which should look quite amazing.

25% off ends soon!

Until March 31st, the north American Spreadshirt store is offering 25% off the normal price. Just type in the code SECRETBLOGSALE if you’re in the US or CADSECRETBLOGSALE if you’re in Canada and the adjustment will be made automatically.

Hint: it works in Australia, too. A work colleague of mine purchased one yesterday.

Click here to visit the TS North American Spreadshirt shop, which now has an amazing 79 different items to choose from.

Here’s the gold-on-black T-shirt:


And here’s an larger version of the classic 900 logo that’s being used on the shirts:


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