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The 9-3 SportCombi is my favourite Saab out of the current range. At our recent club event in northern Tasmania over the weekend we had a 2006 SportCombi present in its Linear Sport trim and geez it looked good. It’s got to be about the best value out there.

So given my liking for the SC, I’ll forgive just about anything in a car review as long as the reviewer likes the car. And that’s a good thing in this instance as there’s plenty to forgive.

Some motoring writers can integrate their personal style into a review quite effectively. But when the second word in your review is ‘follk’ and you quote ABBA and Rod Stewart in your first few paragraphs….well, let’s just say you’re losing me. Especially when you rate ABBA as a more important Swedish export than the car you’re reviewing!

This review is from Canada’s Auto123 and our writer is Kevin “Crash” Corrigan – another cause for concern. Kevin’s had the pleasure of driving a 9-3 SportCombi in it’s Aero form with that very sweet V6. Fortunately the quality of the car shines through the review.


A few snippets from the review:

To me, they have always been like a good brand of clothing. When you find a company that makes a good product, you don’t want them trying to reinvent themselves every five minutes. Naturally, they should keep up to date with modern advancements, but you also want that familiar “quality and feel”….

….This is something which Saab does very well. Yes, some of their ideas might be somewhat “peculiar”, like the famous ignition key between the seats. Now think about that! Nobody has ever copied them, and every owner knows exactly where to find it, as it never changes.

There is something quite comforting about this, and when I first clapped eyes on the 07 Saab Sport-Combi, I knew that in the world of Saab, “the more things change, the more they stay the same”.

The exterior carries the traditional Saab family resemblance. In fact, if you lined up a bunch of Saab models from the past few decades, the photo would look something like the one residing on many family sideboards.

The Interior:

Obviously, Saab has added a few more goodies and refinements over the years to keep in line with the market demands for luxury features, but the company has retained that Saab-like “sensible approach” to this. Basically, the 9.3 Sport-Combi has “everything you need, a few things which are nice to have, and very few useless gimmicks”.

And a little on the drive:

Performance can only be described as exhilarating, and although it occasionally suffers from a little lag, when the power comes on…’It comes on”!

Handling is what I would term “spot-on”, and to be honest, although Saabs have always had a fair reputation for handling, I have to say that this one actually surpassed my expectations.

The excessive use of quotation marks and a penchant for ABBA may be right up your alley. if so, then this review is for you. But on the positive side, he doesn’t get caught up in the pedantry that many reviewers engage in so that they can make a point about their own (lack of) intelligence and judgement.

I’m just really pleased Kevin’s seen the beauty of one of the most versatile cars money can buy.

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  1. Nope, hadn’t seen that one, Ted. Great, practical review.

    Perhaps all car reviewers should be female? Might save some of the jaded garbage we see from time to time.

  2. Why does this 9-3SC look so much better than my own? Maybe it’s a better colour than the Fusion Blue? Or is it the clear tail lights?

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