Coolest tail lamp EVER!

Another shot of that coolest ever tail lamp ever has made it’s way into my inbox (Thanks EP!).

That is so sweet and cool….and to me at least, quite Swedish.


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  1. They look great, don’t they. Much better than the red ones.

    Not sure how good they would look on a darker car, but fantastic on this one!

  2. So, is it just the angle, or are these darker than the others? I thought that the gold Hirshed BioPower didn’t look so good with the icy white, but I thought smoky grey/black would look very good. Something like these would be a great in between.

  3. Looks ok, if a little bit on the ricey side if you ask me…

    As with all of the MY06+ cars, I feel it would look much better if there wasn’t that ugly jump along the bottom of the tail-light between the body and the trunk lid…

  4. I like these taillights but they remind me of the ones on the rear of the Lexus RX330 SUV:

    I think I like the white color and Hirsch kit even more than those taillights. Add some tasteful green trim (like the brake calipers) to compliment the big green “BioPower” decal on the door and it’d be perfect! 🙂

  5. If anyone here goes to Geneva, please ask someone there to get in and push the brake pedal for you. Then take a picture of the taillights lit-up and send Swade the photo to see what they look like when they’re lit red. Also ask them to put the car in reverse so we can see what the reverse lights look like!

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