Don’t Drink The Water

With apologies in advance to Emily at Saab Oz….


Should any of you reading this ever venture Downunder, then by all means do go and visit the City of Churches – Adelaide. It’s a pretty little place and a nice drive an hour or so south will take you to Victor Harbour, a beautiful beach.

Just know that you go there at your own risk.

A man single-handedly destroyed a car and attacked an ambulance with a crowbar in an “extreme” case of road rage at Seaton yesterday morning.

Witnesses looked on shocked as the man used his fists, rocks and a crowbar to smash a late-model Saab causing at least $5000 damage while threatening to bash its female teenage occupants in the 20-minute rampage.

The water really is quite funny there in Adelaide. I’d never drink it from the tap, but I think it may be too late for our GM-Holden Commodore driving gorilla (doesn’t he know that Saab is part of GM now??).

The drama is believed to have started around 12.30am after the man, allegedly driving a VR Commodore with three passengers, abused three teenage girls in the Saab on West Lakes Boulevard, Seaton.

He chased them to the BP service station on Tapleys Hill Rd where security vision, viewed by the Sunday Mail, captured him and his passengers leaving the car. Two male occupants, one in a grey hooded top, stayed in the background as the driver and a female passenger with blonde hair approached the Saab.

The video footage shows the Commodore driver try to hit the driver’s side window of the Saab.



But wait, this guy gets even crazier…..

“This guy had left the scene but when the ambulance arrived he had returned, went to the back of his car, got his crowbar, smashed the car some more and then approached the ambulance,” Karl said, adding that the attack spree lasted 20 minutes in total.

“The girls had just jumped into the ambulance when he had attacked the passenger window and attacked it a couple of times.

“Then he buggered off again and came back a third time, got on to the bonnet of the car and smashed it a few more times yelling profanities, it was road rage in the extreme.”

The police have found his car, but are still looking for him.

I’d suggest trying the Port Power Football Club.


Don’t Drink The Water is also the title of the best ever song by the Dave Matthews Band. Highly recommended.

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  1. And what’d the girls do to piss him off so bad? Look at him funny?
    The guy needs some SERIOUS help, and I hope he doesn’t have any kids.

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